MUSIC: Provabs – #WOYM (What’s On Your Mind) ft Izzy [with Lyrics]


NEA & Crystal Awards Nominee 2014 Provabs has teamed up with United States based Gospel phenomena and Crystal Awards Nominee for the diaspora Izzy on a fresh tune titled #WOYM “What’s on your mind”.

The song reflects on the bible verse “As a man thinketh in His heart, so is He”. It Clarifies the power of the mind and the ability to create whatever it conceives.

When asked why he gave the song such a title #WOYM? Provabs shared the power of our mind in the reality of our destinies.

I Was hanging out with a friend and I saw were she jotted down this very words..”Watch your thoughts, they become words, watch your words,they become actions,watch your actions,they become habits, watch your habits, they become character..and watch your character, it becomes your destiny”.

This jottings from my friend gave me a revelation and taught me that our destinies are in our hands and would be controlled first,by our thought pattern…thus I decided to share what has blessed me with you.


Producer: IZZY (who took the melodious chorus)
Mix and Mastering: Dr Sankty of 17-17 AudioLab.
Graphic Art Design: MR XI For XI Concept
Record label: ONE MANAGEMENT.

Provabs again ooo!
Izzy upon the beat
17-17 (2xe)


Abe gi oo make you use your heart dey serve God o…
Instead of thinking of all the things wey you dey do wrong o
Remember o!that you’re a new creation,Comot from your mind all the dirty dirty wey you don dey do before.

Verse 1.

It starts in the mind
First as a seed
Right in your thoughts
Evil conceived
Then it would grow
Into a need
Then it would metamorphos
Into greed
Straight from the heart
Deep your soul
Thoughts become action
Sins would unfold
Building up passion,out of control
The pleasure keeps holding you down like a mold.
It comes with a price,
No its not free
The wages of sin,guilt is the fee
Eating you up,then it would flee
Leaving you empty,
Crushed in defeat. No its not right
The thoughts & the deed.
Christ paid the price,so you wouldn’t bleed,wash in His blood
It intercedes,
Let it transform you into His Kid.


2nd Verse.

First as a sinner,now I’m a winner
My future was dull,
Now it is greener
My mind was a mess,now it is cleaner
Cos I surrendered my all to the maker
He covered my shame,gave me His
Name,took all the blame,suffered the pain,gave me His righteousness
That is my gain,flushing those dirty thoughts down in a drain.
I’m a new creation,one of a kind
For your information,my past is behind
God my inspiration is helping me find
That perfect peace right inside my mind
For everything good,everything pure,never let go,His love is for sure. it never runs dry,keep asking
For more,its time that you let Him in,Open the door.

Chorus!!! (2ce)

Haaa!! Goodest guy ever liveth
As a man thinks so He liveth (2ce)
You live what you think
You think what you live
It all begins in your mind. Never forget that.

Beat till fade….

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