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Helloooo!!!! So I live in Canada and I understand the fact that so many people would love to study here and I also get messages/questions on studying/migrating to Canada.

Good news! I have a professional as my guest ready to guide, assist and help you in getting into a  College/ University, makes sure you settle in nicely and discuss your options afterwards. She is also based in Canada and Nigeria.


Tolu Akinbami is a Consultant at the Alpha Beta International Education She’s on Praiseworld Radio today and every other month. This means that Tolu Akinbami will be addressing some questions at Priscilla’s Place regarding studying in Canada.

Also, when you listen to Praiseworld Radio, be sure to listen to the jingle or perhaps you might have heard it, all good! Studying In Canada may not interest you, probably you know someone who is, please have them read this and send their questions to


Priscilla:  Yess! Tell us a bit about your business and what people should look forward to


Tolu: We are primarily Education Consultants. Our role is to help our students gain admission into post-secondary institutions and succeed.

We have few colleges or universities we represent, this means we will not be biased when choosing the best institutions for your child to go into.

Most other consultants will want you to go into the colleges they have affiliation with.

We guide our parents and students in the choice of program to study, and in the post-secondary institution to attend.

We also assist with organizing accommodation for our students

Our job does not end with the admission process, we have a lovely office – International Students House in Mississauga accessible to all our students. They can reach us by phone from anywhere and we will help them through any issues they may have.


Priscilla: What are your business Pet Peeves?


Tolu: Clients who believe service rendered should be done for free. Clients who expect discounts for no reason


Priscilla: {laughs*} some clients can be funny! Tell me, what motivates you?


Tolu: (Smiles*)I feel on top of the world when I have satisfied my client as well as feel really pained when the student does not gain admission it makes me feel like I have failed both the parent and the student


Priscilla: Awwwh! Okay so my guest will be answering some questions in regards to this month theme- “Your Results Are Out, What Next?”


Tolu: Yes! As results are released, every student and their parents will begin to consider the options available in the pursuit of further education. Once your option is Canada we at AlphaBeta International Education services have a strong support team to help you through the process.
Why should students consider Canada as a destination for post-secondary education? 
Canada is the destination of choice today. The immigration strategy of the U.K has resulted in International students seeking other countries to further their education.
Canada prides itself in its diversity of cultures. As a multi-cultural society; there is room for co-curricular enlightenment as students get to make friends with their peers from different cultural backgrounds in the world.
Meanwhile, the new government of Canada has increased overall immigration target levels and announced that it aims to find ways to make the immigration process simpler and more straightforward for international students once they have completed their studies in Canada.
This is one great plus anyone considering Canada should put into consideration. The opportunity of dual citizenship is very high and like you know in today’s world our everyone needs to have global positioning.
Studying in Canada is an opportunity that should not be missed. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized. Canada offers premium quality education and a high standard of living. Tuition fees are low and affordable especially for international students relative to other G8 countries.
What should a student take into consideration in determining if Canada is the best choice for him or her?
The choice of Canada should start with the question “does the end justify the means”?
There are several things for consideration
Do you plan to return to your home country or do you plan to remain in Canada? 
If you plan to remain in Canada is your program of study needed in Canada? Is it considered in the top 20 hot career choices? Our team can discuss your choices with you to ensure your program choice increases your chances of getting a job in Canada.
Does Canada offer the program you want to study and is Canada the best country to study that program?
You need to conduct your own personal research to know if Canada is the best option for what you want to study.
Sometimes Canada may not offer your course selection, or the prerequisites may be too long. For example, Law is offered as a second degree in North America, so it will take not less than 7 to 8 years to graduate as a lawyer.
These questions are still critical to your decision making.
Your financial considerations can also form part of the decision making.
So you discover that the United Kingdom has the best program options for what you want to study but its cost is prohibitive, what can you do?
These are the questions we can look at on a client by client basis
Once you decide Canada is the place to go we pride ourselves in finding the most suitable Canadian schools for your selection, providing a professional application service, and using our contacts with school authorities to ensure a smooth application service.
We are also able to guide you through the application process for a study permit.
When can I start to apply to university? 
The academic calendar is usually divided into two as most universities and colleges usually run from late August/early September until the end of April or early May. The fall session runs from September to December and the winter session from January to April. Summer studies may be offered between May and August. However, some universities run a full tri-semester system, providing full courses all through summer.
Early application is often advisable as spaces fill up fast and you do not want to miss the deadlines due to incomplete documentation. Most deadlines are due late January or early February for International students who want to come in for the fall semester. In addition, visa processing can be anything from 2-4 months, so you really want to start early.
Apart from a few statutory holidays during the year, the major holiday season is in the summer (usually from July to September) and students get some weeks off in the winter for the Christmas/New year holiday (usually in late December to early January).


Priscilla: Hummn! So insightful, I am sure you have gained one or more things!

See you next month when we discuss about…….?

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