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“After losing my parents, I felt alone, with no one to love me. Now I know that God is my father. He loves and cares for me. As I travel on the choir, I am going to show people that God loves them too,” says six-year-old Jackie Nakku. {Gary Skinner} Watoto Founder.

Since 1994, The “Watoto Children’s Choir” have travelled all over the world sharing the plight of Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable. Each child in the choir has suffered the loss of one or both of their parents but they have been rescued and now live in Watoto village in Uganda. “

I am so grateful I get to see these kids perform, it was emotional for me to see the joy and energy they exuded on stage. It was powerful and to see the orphans exhibiting such joy, talent and peace! God is using these kids to bless and touch lives and families round the world.

I attached all the info you need to get in touch with them for partnership, sponsorship or in any way God is leading you to reachout to them. I met their Choir Leader and the children as they were currently touring the provinces of Canada as at the time of this interview this year. Enjoy.


Watoto Choir Leader & I at the “Oh What Love” Canada Tour”

Priscilla: The Children’s Choir?

The children’s choir is a product of Watoto Church in Uganda.



Priscilla: How many Children in total?

There are 18 children and 10 adults travelling currently.

Priscilla: How do you manage the stress and Process involved in Travelling – (visas, tickets, maintenance especially traveling with your own sound‎ and stuffs?)

God has always been on our side! There have unquestionably been time-sensitive situations regarding visa applications. However, it always works out. The team travels with all their own sound and lighting. Each country office has its own equipment that stays within the country. For example, when the choir arrived in Canada, we will already have our own sound and lighting with us. We simply train the tech crew on how to use it.


Prisilla: Tours?

Each year  we have 6-8 tours traveling round the world. The choir that is currently in Canada is number 71 batch. We have tours traveling to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Brazil.

Priscilla: Caring For the Kids?

Our children are placed with loving house mothers that deeply care for their children. Each of our children have faced adversaries in their life, however, with the hope of Jesus, our children will grow up to be productive citizens of society who love God and love their church!


The Children on Stage at Edmonton- Canada Tour.

Priscilla: Managing their education during Tours:

The adults help the children with their homework. They all act as parents, teachers, and leaders. The children have several hours put aside each week for their studies, devotions, and personal care.

Priscilla: How are they compensated?

The adults are paid on salary and the Children well taken care of.


Priscilla: Goals?

To Rescue an individual; raise each one as a leader, so that they will Rebuild their nation.

Priscilla: Achievement?

We currently care for thousands of children in Uganda. The children’s choir has allowed the opportunity for several thousand people across the world to partner with us on a monthly financial basis.

Priscilla: Any memorable moment?

The choir has performed for the Vancouver Canucks, the Queen of England, President Bush, Prime Minister Harper, and several other historical figures. All these platforms are memorable and special.


Watoto Children’s Choir with the Queen of England

Michael Gunn
TEL: 250-361-4554 Ext. 1071
CELL 250-920-8598
FAX: 250-381-4575
Thank you for your time and may God bless your ministry and all the Children. Thank you dear readers, I hope you get to enjoy the joy of the Lord in whatever situation you find yourself. Peace.
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