Priscilla’s Place: One On One with the Gminstrel @Gminstrel

Hellooooooooo!!!! There are some people you just find it easy to talk to or you feel you’ve known them all your life when in the real sense you just met them. such is my guest.

Minister Osas Ogbeni aka minstrel is a fast rising Toronto Worship Leader originally from Nigeria. A Worship Leader, a Musician and a Recording/Performing Artist as well who is passionate and aggressively committed to his calling. He is known as The Gminstrel and currently just got back from touring the UK promoting his new album and preparing to tour the USA and other Provinces in Canada.

Meet My Guest!


Priscilla: Who is Gminstrel?
Gminstrel: Gminstrel is a Nigerian/Canadian singer, songwriter and gospel recording artist.
Priscilla: Why the name Gminstrel?
Gminstrel: The name Gminstrel is a description of how I see myself in the hand of God when I worship.
Priscilla:  What & Who Inspires‎ your kind of music?
Gminstrel: Quite a number of artists inspires me musically, from William MacDowell, Fred Hammond to Donnie but to be honest, Kirk franklin had a huge influence on me then I also have Nigerian Artist like Sammy Okposo

Priscilla: Talking about the Gospel Music scene in Canada compared to Nigeria your home country, what would you want to say about that‎?

Gminstrel: The major difference will be the type and genre of music the music back home is both contemporary and afro gospel up here in Canada is a more diversified for example we have music from the Island/Caribbean


Priscilla: So you Visited the UK recently Could you please share your experience?


Gminstrel: To God be the glory my recent trip to the UK was great, had a splendid time of worship with folks up there, people over there are very receptive and responsive to worship, it has also opened me up to the Music market and industry in the UK, a lot more trips to the UK are in the works.


Priscilla: Great! Tell us about your latest single as well as your album


Gminstrel: The single(Audio and video) was released about 4 months ago, and now the full album is out and doing very well, the video is on YouTube its been played on a couple of radio stations around the world, we are also doing a lot of promotion and touring at the moment.

Watch “I Made It” by Gminstrel- Minister Osas Ogbeni


Priscilla: Do you believe in Excellence in the music ministry?
Gminstrel: Definitely, excellence in the industry should never be compromised for any reason. Excellence means different things to different people, we must also remember that everyone’s status is different, but we must give our best at whatever position we find ourselves.
Priscilla: Do you think all recording artistes should be performing artistes? Why?
Gminstrel: Certainly you can’t separate one from the other, you should keep working and evolving as an artist with different ways to live out your call and be better, at the end the stage is the platform which exhibits our gifting’s and talents from God.
Priscilla: What music are you listening to at the moment?
Gminstrel: Been listening to a lot of William McDowell’s music.
Priscilla: Cool! let me quickly ask you this, how do you balance Music & Family?
Gminstrel: Balancing ministry and family is all about planning and understanding with your partner
Priscilla: What other project would you want to talk about if any?
Gminstrel:  I am currently about to shoot another music video for one of the track on the album
Priscilla: Final words?
Gminstrel: I encourage folks out there to aggressively go after their dreams
Facebook:   Minister osas music
Instagram: @Gminstrel78
Twitter:      @Gminstrel
Youtube:    Minister Osas

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