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octoberHelloooo!!! By now you should be familiar with my guest- “Tolu Akinbami” as she features on Priscilla’s Place every month. For this month, I included two videos and highlights of the University Fairs that took place recently in Ontario with her in attendance. and the Theme for October is January applications starts now, Let us help you come to Canada!!

Meanwhile, I have been receiving mails from people interested in studying in Canada.

Now is the best time for your application, if interested and reading this blog for the first time. Application is currently on, mail me!



Highlights from Ontario Universities Fair – Trent University

The annual Ontario Universities fair was held at Metro Toronto Convention Center from September 23-25 2016. I marked it down in my calendar as a must go. My intention was to speak with as many universities as possible and get them to speak to the international community about their university and what was unique about their institution.

The day came and it was bright and sunny, my first surprise was the number of students and parents, it was a sight to behold. So the rush began, everyone had questions, everyone wanted answers. I had the privilege of meeting with a few universities who were more than ready to talk to me when I told them my audience was international students.


Tolu Akinbami of Alphabeta Consultant and President of Trent University Ontario

I am highlighting Trent University for a number of reasons:

  1. They have been ranked #1 in Ontario and #2 in Canada in the primarily undergraduate category
  2. They have some unique programs that I feel will interest the international community
  3. One of the representatives was able to talk about Trent University in glowing terms I hope you can hear what he said (he spoke so fast)

4. I actually met and had a chat with the President of the University, Leo Groarke, who obliged me by giving me a video recording as well as an open invitation to visit the university. Which I plan to do.

Listen to what he has to say about Canadian Education in general


A new program for 2017 that excites me is the Law and Arts Dual Degree. Getting a law degree in Canada will usually take not less than 8 years because it is a second degree. Trent University has teamed up with University of Swansea in Wales so that after 6 years the student gets an LL.B. and a B.A this is wonderful news to both domestic and international students.

The student starts off with Trent for year 1, and 2 then in year 3 the student proceeds to Swansea for the next 3 years to obtain the LL.B. The student will then return to complete the final year in Canada. The courses in Swansea will cover Canadian Law that will help the student prepare for the required National Committee on Accreditation (NCA), allowing the student to take the bar exam and practice Law in Canada.

Throughout the program the student pays tuition fees to Trent University

There are several BA program options open to the student such as Media and Development, Rights and development, cause of war, local dynamics of change, Global health, Gender and women studies, Environmental and resource studies, Philosophy, Political studies, the list is endless.

How to Apply:


Although you are free to apply directly to Trent, we can guide you through the process. We do not claim to have a special relationship with Trent University, our role is simply to help you succeed in your application to Trent or any other University in Canada by working you through the process.

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