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Chicago- USA. Hello Hello and Hello!!!! I know and I am sorry I’ve not been regular as I should. Lot’s been going on- forgive me and thanks for keeping up with me, my blog and my music!  Today, I bring to you a really cool and down to earth woman I’ve been watching and observing from a distance for sometime now- hhehehe* I study artistes alot on social media until they graciously fall into my beautiful trap and find themselves on #PriscillazPlace hehe* Like this great Chicago based vocalist- Onos Brisibi. She is a Psalmist, Song-writer whose name and music has been a brand for years in the Music Industry in Nigeria, Europe and the US.

Known to have travelled to different continents and still crossing borders ministering in songs, blessing lives, touching the throne and igniting the love of God in  people’s heart through her unique Worship.

Singing from the age of nine, her vocal force has been gaining her recognition and acceptance especially her undergraduate days at Delta State till now.

Onos- a bundle of talent is also well known in the entertainment industry, creating and featuring her powerful voice in movies via soundtracks. And for some that are not aware, another talent of hers is acting and producing movies. She has worked with several artistes famous for their great works and featured alongside.To her credit and to the Glory of God, She won the FAME MUSIC AWARD (FMA) for best upcoming artist, she was also honored with the Diamond Special Recognition Award 2013 USA Edition and several nominations’ was honored with the Diamond Special Recognition Award 2013 For more details of Onos- Please visit  connect with her on social media- @Onosbrisibi |




Priscilla: Thanks for accepting my invite, was checking out your website. Lovely one. So I see you love full Hair. LOL*

Onos: Thank you for accepting me on your prestigious blog aka #ThePriscillazPlace. You are doing a great job for the body of Christ. God bless and increase you. Regarding my hair – I love full hair and have always worn big hair from way back. I think it looks good on me, or what do you think? LOL!

Priscilla: Yes it does(laughs) So tell me what’s your preference-Stage OR Studio?
Onos: I prefer the stage
Priscilla: Why?
Onos: The stage gives you a platform to express yourself more and the energy limitless. The energy in the studio is curtailed and you don’t get to see the response of your audience. The stage is a place where you can give and receive as you worship
IMG-20150526-WA0008~2 (1)

Our God is Great!

Priscilla: Style of music?
Onos: Alternative rock/POP
Priscilla: What’s the gospel Music scene like in Chicago as it affects Nigerian gospel artistes
Onos:Concerning the gospel music scene in Chicago as it affects Nigerian gospel artists. I will say it is growing. It’s not where it should be yet, but we are working towards putting programs out there that will ignite a fire to raise and give vibrant Nigerian gospel artists platforms to do what they have been called to do.
Priscilla: About “God is Great” Music
Onos: Our God is Great” is a song that God gave me at a time when I needed strength. It’s a song that reminds me of who God is to me. It helps me to rejoice in times of trials because I know that whatever situation I find myself in, that is not consistent with God’s word concerning my life is temporary. It will surely pass. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, God is ALMIGHTY, He always show up strong as my defender, my rock, my shield, my friend, my way maker, my peace, my joy…He is my everything. It’s a spirit song. It speaks of God’s splendor, God’s greatness and His beauty and I am always comforted, lifted every time I listen to this song.
Priscilla: About “God is Great” Video

“Regarding the video – At the beginning of this year, I put down a list of things I wanted accomplished this year. The Spirit of God ministered to me concerning the things I should change and the things I should improve on. One of the things God helped me accomplish this year is to be able pray and worship God and be more intimate with Him. While I began to do all these things as instructed by the Spirit of God, I started seeing great changes, testimonies, increase, favor and open-doors in areas that I could not imagine. In the course of the first quarter of this year, half of the things I asked God for have already been accomplished. This video was one of them and so many more testimonies that I will share in the course of time. The video was shot in Atlanta by Da Bishop He was so professional and on point. Everything went smoothly and the crew was awesome. Ministers Hope Davis and Wura Grant appeared on the video as well. Everything was done excellently showing that God orchestrated it for such a time as this.

Priscilla: I love the song and the energy exhibited on this video . Kudos!! *Clearing throat* So I hear you are going to be the WAOMM National Coordinator for Midwest USA, how do you feel about that? And how is this gonna help you and other artistes in the west?
Onos: {Chuckling} Yes I am the WOAMM National Coordinator. I am honored and It’s an awesome opportunity. It will help to build, promote, export and train African women in gospel music in Mid-West USA. I applaud the president of this great vision WOAMM, Isabella, for birthing this initiative.
Priscilla: Do you believe strife and competition exist among gospel artistes‎?
Onos: God instructs us to keep strife and competition out of our ministry. It is never about you the artist; it is always about God. Our gifts are for the Master’s use. When you have that at the back of your mind, love will reign and you will appreciate the gifts in everyone.   past and I do what I do from a place of rest. I follow divine instructions from the Holy Spirit.

Priscilla: That’s right! Any Challenges as a singer?

Onos: I see all challenges as an opportunity for growth and an opportunity for God to be glorified because all things will always work together for my good.

Priscilla: Onos says….

It is always a privilege and honor to serve and to be a vessel to lead God’s people unto worship. Onos Brisibi is a lover of God and loves to worship. My prayer is that this journey will be fruitful for me and all that God has placed in my part. My music will minister restoration, love, joy and healing to nations of the world.

I am currently working on my new sound which is due out sometimes this year. I will also be working on a tour for my new sound. Also I have live recording and some Christmas songs coming up. I am excited and grateful about all the great things that God is doing in my life.

A big shout out the praise world team especially #ThePricillazPlace. I thank all my fans, “Our God is Great” has been received well. I love you. I also say thank you to all my Pastors for sharing and encouraging me with God’s word. To my family thank you for everything I love you all.




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