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Helloooo!!!! Welcome to another edition of Priscilla’s Place. I want to quickly give a big shoutout to everyone who voted for me as “Solo Artist Of The Year” via Obsidian Awards Canada. Thanks a lot. Yes I won, thanks to you- see photo and link below!!

Okay, From time to time, I will be  featuring some artiste who I feel you should take cognizance of and it will be titled ‘ “Artist Spotlight“- so, I have my Cool, Multi-talented Versatile and Talented guest- Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Arranger, Music Director of Global Harvest Choir- Lagos Nigeria, no other person than “Jimi Adeboye” who is officially out with his first single (one of my top songs on my playlist)  Please listen to the song attached to this chat as you read our Chat we had recently. Feel Free to download as well.



Priscilla: I am guessing- this would be your first single right?  


Jimi: Well, I can call it my first official single because I released like 2 demos some years back so…yes… It’s my first

Priscilla: Great! So tell me about your Music Style

Jimi: I enjoy doing different genres  but for the sake of numbers, I do R&B, Afro-Pop, Hip-hop, Pop, Jazz, Neosoul, Rap, Trap, Trads just to mention a few.


Priscilla: So I heard you are the Music director of global Harvest Choir, tell me about that.


Jimi: Yeah, I am a Music Director, Arranger and also a songwriter. Love directing and also raising vocalists. Music directing is also what I have passion for and enjoy doing as it also gives fulfillment by dictating the worship and music atmosphere of the church. Always love the sound of the choral voices. Been privileged to direct seven choral groups for close to 12 to 13 years now.

Priscilla: Oh Wow!!! that’s Impressive. I love the idea of you dictating the worship/music atmosphere, that is a very heavy responsibility, so how do you manage the worship atmosphere at  a time you feel low or has it always been good?


Jimi: As regards dictating the music and worship atmosphere, the way the music is handled helps create the worship lifestyle of both the music team and the church as a whole based on songs done and the kind of songs too. The more this is done with the leading of the Holy Spirit, anointed music team and dedication to excellence, it has an aura it permeates the church with and even members starts to flow in that direction too in their worship life. So Music has a lot of importance and responsibility in dictating that. When managing it at a time I feel low, I have to drop and cast off all feelings and lowliness and focus on the work at hand And because what we do is prophetic in nature too and you can’t take people to a place that you’ve not been and in this case ministering a song or a session you have not meditated upon, it sorts of takes away the “lowliness” because by the time you are done, it’s gone because you’ve ministered to yourself too. So whether you are high or low, you always come out better and refreshed. And having the responsibility to lead and chart the course of the music atmosphere is always good, so whatever challenges one has will just have to be dealt with. The purpose is the ultimate…the challenges are stepping stones


Priscilla: Hummn! So How do you intend combining the role of a music director and an artist?


Jimi: Well, first and foremost, when you walk and work in the grace of God for your life, juggling several skill sets that you have becomes easier and also because it’s still all about making music and coordinating a group of voices. I am blessed with the  capacity and grace for that. I also have several things I still do aside music so I believe the grace for the office makes it enjoyable, fulfilling and smooth.


Priscilla: What do you do when there is a conflict of interest as a music director in Church and as an artist

Jimi: Well, the choir has a solid music admin structure, which a good leadership should always put in place, it makes it easier to go for ministrations but I try as much as possible to make sure they don’t clash with important church programs and activities. Also the awareness of church authority and leadership makes it achievable to as I am under authority.



Priscilla: Good Answer! Okay so lets talk about “Final Say”

Jimi: Final Say is a melodious, clean and afro pop sound that gets you grooving not only because of its catchy chorus and lyrics but it reminds you that no matter the situation, challenges, obstacles, circumstances or disappointments by people or events, only Got has the final authority over you life hence…Jehovah has the #FinalSay




Priscilla: What audience appeals to you?

Jimi: I won’t really class my audience due to my writing style and music versatility which cuts across all cultures and genres.

I will say every person that loves good music and sees it has a tool for positive change in every way are my audience. From young, old, youth, politicians, business owner’s etc. Music can’t be limited. Even if you don’t understand the language, it speaks to your spirit and there is a connection. We have countless examples of that so good music…positive music…gospel… Good to the hear!

Priscilla: Any final words?

Jimi: Dream Big! Dream Wild! Dare God! Let all you do give glory to God and bless humanity! He has the FINAL SAY!!!Thanks for having me and greater heights.






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