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Hey!!!!!! Welcome back to a new season. Blessings to everyone checking up on me. I appreciate you all. I have been so tied up with the WAOMM (Women Of African Origin In Music Ministry) Canada Inauguration. All thanks to God, it was a blast!

Okay back to work – This is my second Album Review and I am excited to be doing this for one of my consistent guest, big sister, momma, confidant and a dear friend I cherish – No other person than Multi-Award Winning Gospel Artiste, OAP, Author, Songwriter, Recording Artiste, Wife and Mum- Isabella Melodies aka “Mgbeke Mama”(don’t ask- Just laugh)

I promised to do an Album Review and here you go.

I’ll give you reasons why you should get this album! But be warned, if you know Jesus, then you won’t have a problem relating with this album- She doesn’t mince words, Isabella is an addict-Jesus Lover! No apologies.

And if you do not know Jesus, this album should make you really curious to know why someone would pour so much passion on just one person on a 13 track album! Hey, rush to iTunes and get yours!

It’s rare for me to love almost all ‎songs in an album.  I must at least love 80 percent of the songs in an album for me to review on my blog!

The Album titled “You Are My Passion” is a 13 track album which will be formally launched in London on the 9th November 2015. The album was produced by the guru himself multi award producer, songwriter and singer Evans Ogboi who featured in one of the songs. This is her 6th album.

I am trying so hard not to make any of the song  more special than another, *Laughs* Okay, I’ll leave it at that and I try to keep it short and not bore you. Enjoy!

Please Note: This review is based on my personal experience this album took me, the experience might take you to a different place- there is only one way to find out- Get your copy!!

The first song on this album titled “Yahweh” is just the perfect choice to start the album it gave a grand start and feel. Funny enough every Yahweh song I know are simply great songs and this is not different!

This song projected Isabella in another style and she did justice to it. Kudos to Evans for putting it together nicely!
Okay I totally love everything about this song!

The intro is really cool, you can’t help but nod your head. The instrumentation which I’ll call a modernized ‘High Life’ groovy beat is too cool, full and rich.

It’s easy to learn; a call and response feature; giving all the praises to Yahweh- Our God. This song is perfect for your praise session anywhere!

Trust me you’ll want to listen to Yahweh again and again. Watchout for that intro….

PUNCHLINE: Yahweh we come into your presence with thanksgiving…..
Critique I go weak when I hear the bass guitar in any song- I would have love to hear it on this particular song, anyway, it still sounds full with or without the bass and the trumpet was a good blend!



Priscilla & Isabella at the recent Waomm Canada Inauguration

Clearing throat! Okay you know, I feel like a fulfilled and proud mum who told her daughter to do something and she listened and the result was amazing. (grinning) Such is this song!! Okay y’all know how I terrorized Isabella on social media to release this song as a single, she finally did and took it up a notch by doing a video of this song, it was greatly embraced and the song got an award!

But most importantly, this song touched me and is really beautiful, am a fan of any song that talks about something I call “God in the nature and in his entirety” the lyrics are deep, the mood is pure worship and makes you want to roll on the floor and just worship the King.. Oohh! I love this song!!! Period.

Check out the video below:

PUNCHLINE – I sense a shift, breakthrough within, deep within my spirit.



Isabella really showed different styles in this album, this song took me to an Hillsong concert!

Has this soft rock feel and this song just takes you to a deep place of worship, that want to make you pour your heart in worship- she mixed the song with a popular worship song which made it more interesting and took it to a climax. The song feels like it was recorded Live. I adore this song.
You just want to burst out in tears and love for the king! Energy for this song was just right!

PUNCHLINE: Even though you did no wrong…..


2mPqpun1sjIEVVqPq92Oq0GG7R447Y2eWaOWqKLiPbcThe Song reminds you that God is still dependable, no matter what and at the same time expresses to God what he is; a cry to God to do the impossibility,

If you’re going through any challenge; or you’re feeling discouraged; or your faith is being shaken, this is the song for you!

According to Isabella:

I walked into the auditorium. It was huge…bigger than any venue I had ever been in my life.

I think it was a crusade. A man of God was praying fervently for masses of people in wheelchairs and some were lying on the floor, some were shackled with heavy chains, the sick, the blind, the crippled, the deaf; many were crying out in agony, pleading for help. There was such desperation in the atmosphere,

I could not bear the sight so I shut my eyes and began to also pray fervently for God to do something about this terrible situation. There was so much suffering I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face.

As I was praying with my eyes shut, I was startled when someone touched my shoulders and pointed to the man of God who was calling me to come up to the stage/pulpit. I immediately panicked because I wasn’t prepared to sing at all but he was beckoning to me and waving the microphone for me to come and take it. I hesitantly walked towards him and as he handed me the mic, he said something like “Open your mouth and sing a new song to the Lord, He will hear you”. I took the mic and a boldness I could never have imagined overcame me.

I began to sing, awkwardly at first but the crowd picked up the song so quickly and began to sing along as if they had known the song all along. Then SUDDENLY as we sang “God of the impossible, nothing’s too hard for You, Worker of miracles, do signs and wonders…” the anointing fell heavily and totally changed the atmosphere. Miracles began to happen ALL OVER the building. People began to leap out of their wheelchairs and the floor, shouting, jumping, rejoicing, lifting up their hands, praising God. I was shocked, excited, thrilled, amazed, awe-struck, and so happy…but God” was received…in a dream. A simple prayer of faith which activated heaven’s miracles…


PUNCHLINE: Do what No man can Do!


This song tends to make you count your blessings. Takes you back to all the things he has done for you and you just want to show your gratitude. The mood of the song makes you think you’ve not been appreciative enough- that’s how the experience was for me while listening. This song is a cool song while driving. It sets you on a reflective and a gratitude mode.

Right energy. Right mood. Right tone. ‎Right instrumentation

PUNCHLINE: -‎ God you are good!


You are My passion:


The Album stems from this title and I love this song. This song is deep and it might not be for everybody. Everyone might not be able to relate to the song especially if you’re not on the same frequency as the singer. It’s a heartfelt song straight from the heart.

I see this song as a song from a lover to her lover. It’s personal and intense.

PUNCHLINE: Your grace overshadows me


Praise The Lord:

The songs is hymnal in nature in a modernized kind of way and spiritual. It paints a story of‎ salvation. Message clearly passed and it’s a song every church and choir should incorporate in their collection. I love the way Isabella sang the song. Clear, simple, good energy.

Perfect mood!

PUNCHLINE: Sin and death can’t stop me now – He secured my destiny


My World:

I totally love this song. It’s hot for me!!! It’s cool, it creates an ambiance of love. Again she decides to exhibit her passionate side in this song. Well, what can go wrong when you decide to sing to your lover? Absolutely nothing‎! I also get that the song was meant to God. But someone was complaining that in the gospel music, we hardly have love songs that are pure for Christian couples or lovers. I think this song can go in both ways.

In another light, this song can set the atmosphere for…things… Clearing ‎throat!! You can choose to address this song to God our first love and your spouse! Isabella good job on this one.

PUNCHLINE: You will always be my world- ‎forever I will be in love with you


Here is my worship:


Yeah!!!! This song is everything. Sighs! It’s groovy and at the same time you still get the song. It’s not distracting and it’s pretty rhythmic… I just lack the words.  I just love the way Isabella sang this song. I love her tone on this song. It’s a song of offering, sacrifice and plea to God -it’s deep. The saxophone / trumpet  was the icing of the cake-so refreshing. Great harmonies

Again she reminds me of the legend mama-Helen Baylor. ‎Isabella doesn’t lack for deep lyrics!

PUNCHLINE: Broken pieces of my life _ without you I’ll be lost. Here is my worship take it.


Jesus Be seen:

Jesus Be Seen In Me:
This is a song to listen to everyday if you call yourself a believer- to me I believe the title and phrase- “Jesus Be Seen In Me” depicts the core and essence of our stand in Christ in this dark and twisted world.
The song can be divided into two aspects: An acknowledgment and a Prayer!
I really can’t put into words how the mood, rich lyrics and symphony of the song makes me feel‎.
Before you step out; before you utter those words; before you react to any situation- ask yourself- Will Jesus be seen in Me?
PUNCHLINE: ‎You light up my world… Jesus be seen in me.

All Hail The King:

Isabella & Evans Ogboi - All Hail The King

All Hail the King:
This song- a Call to worship was one of the singles released last year by pastor Isabella. It’s amazing how you can turn a line to something spectacular That’s the beauty of worhip! ‎Sometimes, it’s just a line. Sometimes it’s a repertoire of‎ lyrics.
She was accomplished by her producer- Evans Ogboi. Their rich voices blended into one beautiful harmony like hot Bread and soft sweet Butter! (Laughs) the modulation and choir effect climaxed the song. Such a nice touch.
PUNCHLINE: All hail the King‎


Mighty God:

Here is how I perceive the song will definitely make God’s head swell.. I call the song ‘Sic-Song’ like trying to pave the way for a special request.. the first part of the song will make God be like..”Yes my daughter I hear you.. what do you need. Then the second aspect of the song is a request and cry for him to Arise.


Welcome Here:


Hey!! This is a song to start your worship event. Most songs of this nature are slowed down. But Isabella succeeded in making it sound groovy, fast paced, like you mean business- and actually make the Holy Spirit feel people are eager to see or feel his awesome presence . Don’t get me wrong! Am not saying the slow welcome songs are not powerful. This is just different and unique. It’s a mix of afro, calipso and whatever Evans did to give the song a different sound.

I hope I have convinced you on why you should get the album to feed your mind, spirit and body.

The official launch of the album take place this Saturday {See flyer below) be there if you can. The album will be available on all online stores.


Isabella Fans got this to say:

From London The whole album is smoking.. Love track 3.
From Canada ‎I’ve been listening to Isabella’s song especially Track 10. My friends are asking for the CD
From London The album is just too much, took me to another realm ‎while driving. Dependable God stands out for me..
From Nigeria Please how do I get this CD?
From Toronto I am definitely adding her songs to the worship prayer program
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