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At last! I am so excited she gets to be on “Priscilla’s Hot Seat” Yeah!! I’ve been enjoying her updates and interviews on different blogs and sites and the media really did a good job. However, this is the first time she will be a featured guest ‘at Priscilla’s Place”

She’s simply a bundle of talents and a power house on stage.  A Gospel Singer-Songwriter / Worship Leader based in Maryland-USA. She is also the Ambassador for Vomoz Communication and the National Coordinator for WAOMM USA.   She is Anu O. Osilesi aka “Anu Music”– An amazing, warm, blessed wife and mother. SSSsshhhh!!! She will be in Canada for the official Inauguration of WAOMM Canada with other great singers in October and you didn’t hear that from me!!! Hehe** Relax and enjoy another side of this classy Lady.



Soaring and shinning in God’s glory

 Priscilla: White or Red?

Anu: Red

Priscilla: What irks you?

ANU:  Dishonesty

Priscilla: When people meet you, what memory of you would you want them to have?

ANU: Very positive individual and my passion for God.

Priscilla: As a Nigerian based in the USA, how have you been able to break through to Americans or Non-Nigerians with your style of music?


Just Me

ANU:  The number one thing is my passion for my music, and also sticking to the genre of music that I do. The originality of it which represent where I am from.

Priscilla: On Artistes having a fixed standard fee or would you say they negotiate?

ANU: My intake on this is that once an artiste is signed by a managing company, the artist has no room for negotiation, but the artiste can decide to be a blessing to a ministry at his or her own discretion.

Priscilla: You’ve been invited to minister in one of the largest gospel event in the US or Nigeria e.g “The Experience” for the first time and your hubby is not too keen on letting you go, how would you sincerely handle the situation ?


Game Face! Thread softly!

ANU:  The first thing is to pray about the event, and then gracefully have a conversation with my husband, If he still insist on not letting me go, then I will have to stand in obedience to his request, and let the event planners know ahead of time to make other arrangement.

Priscilla: What would you do if you suddenly forget your lyrics on stage?

ANU:  The first thing I’ll do is to engage the crowd, keep smiling and make it unnoticeable.

Priscilla: Changing a song at the last minute- Yah or Nay?

ANU: Yah!

Priscilla: Music Fantasy?

ANU: To minister on the stage of Stella Awards, and Dove Awards with Cece Winnas


Priscilla: One of my Music Pet Peeve is Bad/inconsistent Sound  (laughs) what’s yours?

ANU:  Switching to another key in the middle of a song…

(Both laughs)

Priscilla: Who would you love to share the stage with? And what inspires you most about the Artiste?

ANU: Cece Winans,  Her passion for God, consistency, and drama free..I just love her..

Priscilla: One last thing?

ANU:  In everything  you do, make sure God comes first!!!


Anu 1

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Thanks to my Cool Guest- Anu!!!


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Update: I am currently working on a series you will enjoy, so wait for it and stay with me…. Much Love.

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