Kishi — I love new things. New dishes, new clothes (I am guy and I love to shop. Who doesn’t? duurh!), new ideas, new suggestions, new friends and a renewed love for God everyday (*sings “they are new every morning…”)

The Bible. The Word. The Truth. The Life. All these for just a book? Seriously?  Well yes, the Bible is all these and much more. This Holy Book of the Christians has been in existence from the beginning of time. “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God”.

It came into existence as Scrolls evolved into Prints and now the ‘e’ bible. I love the new concept. Totally love it. Makes me have my bible with me all the time.. Installed with various translations, bible reading plans, online/offline group study plans and a whole lotta other benefits. I sooooooo love it.

Do I hear questions about what happened to my Print Bible? Nothing happened to it. It’s on my bed. I have one in my Toilet, in my Kitchen, my living room and yes, my storage room.


Why shouldn’t I?


Lately, it’s been a tug of opinion and debate as to which is preferable. The E-bible or the Print bible.

Here’s a question for  y’all. Will the printed Bible soon be a thing of d past? A-not-in-vogue-should-be-put-down-book? I doubt! Inasmuch as advent of TV, satellites, internet have not totally replaced Radio! And Handset, Wrist watch.

Everyday, I see people in church and behind pulpits perusing their digital bible on their phones (smart or not), tablets & other e-devices. Would it irk you if your Shepherd climbs the pulpit with a tablet or other e-gadgets to conduct a Worship service or spread the good news?

For me? No. Things are changing, the world is changing. Go with the flow. It won’t change your values unless you allow it.

Majority of those who argue for it say “it’s portable and gives you access to many translations at once”. (I totally agree)

Others are worried that the device might turn up faulty or run out of power while in use,

And the remaining others? They term it as WORLDLY, as the Bible identifies a Christian! (I’m rolling my eyes at that one). So much for religious stereotypes.  The 10 commandments where on stone. Stone-tablet. (the very first tablet. Yeske!).

The first bible books where on scrolls and papyrus, there’s nothing wrong in advancing with technology. It’s misplaced envy that brings people’s issues with the ipads and co.


If not for the technology of printing, just imagine how inconvenient it will be for us to go about with scrolls to church, office or put in my Toilet. Yes! Toilet!! (I know you have issues with me leaving a bible in the Toilet but believe me when I say the WORD can hit me anywhere, anytime) Now technology has further advanced from the prints to digital which makes it much easier to access the contents of the scriptures. Isn’t this wonderful?

The primary issue is reading, meditating and doing the Word. The means of doing that, be it via scrolls, printed paper (we can like to decide to write out the whole bible in a notebook if we like abi ) or digital (phones, iPads, desktops, laptops. etc) does not matter. Stop doing “shenge” for those that have preferences. What’s ya own?

The big question is: Does carrying big or small printed (paper) bible add to your holiness? No. Neither does digital! You’re not saved by The Bible but by Christ in You!

The x-factor here is the indwelling of the Word in your Heart.

You be doer? Not a carrier or hearer of the bible only? Printed or not. However, if your reason to dey carry bible or to dey wrap am with newspaper, or carry put for pocket or use for Church na because sey  shame dey hook you or you too shy to carry the printed version, Bros yee, your faith get kolofi inside. B4!!

Personally, I use the e-bible for personal studies, or when I’m not with the printed version. I regard The Bible highly as a SACRED BOOK hence I take the Printed version to worship service (not always though).

Remember this, there’s a relish in flipping through the Sacred Pages!

That’s my view, please have your say!

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  1. I have been totally devoted to my e Bible for years. I just dusted my print Bible because of a bible course I attended in church. It was deemed inappropriate to use the Bible on ones phone for the classes. Hmmm. As long as I read the Bible it don’t matter what it looks like ko sa feed my spirit abi? Oluwaseun

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