Praiseworld’s Reality Radio Show At Ada’s Crib. How It Went Down (with PHOTOs)



Fun filled!
Love filled!!
Mind Blowing!!!

Reality Radio Show 2 was all this and more at Ada’s crib. The delectable gospel artiste had the Praiseworld Radio Family at her beautiful home on the 24th of February ’15.

She shared with us LIVE ON AIR what her afternoon experience is like when she’s not in the studio cooking up new gospel tunes for gospel music lovers.



Praiseworld Radio listeners were treated to few facts and exclusive information about Ada, including some unreleased songs which she sang to us, her favorite spot in the house (a corner between two chairs with throw-pillows stacked together), Inspiration zones (which included pacing around the house), her wonderful skill of using the pots, pans, utensils and raw food and turning it into amazing meals for her family (which we also experienced first-hand)

Ada's favorite spot in the house. Where she gets her inspiration from. LOL

Ada’s favorite spot in the house. Where she gets her inspiration from. LOL

With different hands on deck, a three course meal was whipped up in record time.
Goatmeat Stew.
Boiled rice.
Fried Plantain.
Correct Ijebu garri laced with Milk, Sugar, groundnut and chunks of coconut on the side with refreshing cold water to go… Phew.

Yele and A'Cube

Yele and A’Cube

Bowls of ice-cream and soft creamy cookies rounded up the whole Food-Ministry.



Ada is fun!
An amazing, talented and beautiful gospel artiste of this generation.
She has two beautiful and adorable children and a darling husband.


From The CEO himself Tola, the spice on the Mic overseeing the downing of each meal by everyone to Provabs’ manning of the fried Plantain so A’cube wouldn’t touch to Gamie posing for pictures like he was born to do it to Kishi with his undercover picture-taking skills of the camera shy AwhyOfGod to Ma’am Yele’s helping out Ada in the kitchen and to the listeners tweeting and calling in, we can say Reality Radio Show @AdaEhi’s crib was REAL alright.


It was as real as Jesus’ birth people.
Yes, we never forgot God amidst the fun.

So who’s next? Who’s crib are we storming next? Do you have a clue?

Let us know…


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