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reality-radio-rosemaryPraiseworld Radio is at it again with her innovative concepts! This time, it’s episode 3 of her Reality Radio Show series, and it’s going down at Rosemary‘s Crib today.

“REALITY RADIO” is a live reality radio show hosted in a celebrity’s crib. The first episode of this historic series took place on Friday, July 18, 2014 at Eyiyemi’s crib. (See photos here. The second,  hosted at Ada Ehi’s crib was totally amazing. (See photos here)

This time, our celebrity host is Rosemary Ayoko.

As the name implies, “Reality Radio” is a reality show on radio – a sound like never before. With Praiseworld Radio OAPs hanging out from the host’s crib with interaction, fun, games, cooking and lots more… all broadcast LIVE  on air.

This gives the listeners the unique opportunity to have a glance into the everyday lifestyle of their favorite OAPs and the celebrity.

Wondering what this will sound like?  Why not just us today, Wednesday, July 27, 2016 starting 12 noon (WAT) as we bring you a UNIQUE reality radio show from the comfort of Rosemary’s crib.

Rosemary is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother. She’s a passionate worshipper and a minister of God’s Word. Follow her on Twitter @tonysroz


Reality Radio Show LIVE at Rosemary’s Crib

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

12 noon

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