On June 1, 2012 (about one year ago) a revolution in gospel entertainment was officially launched – PRAISEWORLD RADIO; a move which has caused a reverberation of enthusiastic responses across gospel communities both in Nigeria and the world at large. As part of the celebration of the fast growing radio station’s first anniversary, a visit was paid to Heritage Orphanage Homes today by some members of the team.

The Praiseworld Radio Crew today spent time with the children at the orphanage home, played games with them, prayed and presented gifts to meet different needs of the home.

Heritage Orphanage Home, Lagos
Heritage Orphanage Home, Lagos
Some Praiseworld Radio members, friends and Heritage Orphange Home officials
Some Praiseworld Radio members, friends and Heritage Orphanage Home officials

“We had a number of our listeners and fans ask us where the party would be, but we figured this is a season to give and show love to these children, just like GOD has done to us in the past year” explained Olutola Omoniyi, head of the Praiseworld team.

Praiseworld Radio crew at Heritage Orphanage Home
Praiseworld Radio crew at Heritage Orphanage Home

Over the last 365 days, a lot of lives have been touched in various ways through Praiseworld Radio. Souls have been snatched from hell and won to Christ, and God has indeed been glorified.

“There is no good radio station without good listeners. We sincerely do appreciate everyone who has been there for us, showing support in every way. We love you beyond words” – Praiseworld Radio statement

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