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Saw him onstage one day in Atlanta and I was tremendously blessed-I later learnt he wrote the popular praise song – “Wonder Wonder” Well, I could not connect with him that day because I had to travel back. A Mutual Friend who was also my guest here- “TOSINGER”(Thanks Ma’am) connected us and it was pretty cool because I had plans to feature him at some point, and here we are. He is a Leader of Influence and a Worshipper- One of Nigerian Gospel Singers taking Georgia and other States in the USA by storm.. He is an amazing person and I respect him a lot. He was such a good sport during this chat and (laughing) I won’t tell you why!

Pastor Soji Israel is an Award Winner, International gospel music artist, Songwriter, and Worship Leader. His Songs are simply blessing people in his country-Nigeria, the USA, UK and the rest of the world. He is the writer of the songs used by worshipers around the world, including “Baba Ye” and “Wonder Wonder!”  



Minister Olusoji Israel

Priscilla: Some people view you to be a tough leader, do you agree?

Olusoji: Wow! Me? Tough leader? I seem to hear that for the first time…(chuckles)…I wonder why anyone will have such view of me as gentle as I am!

Priscilla: Laughing @gentle. So how would you describe your style of leadership?

Olusoji: Well, I can simply describe myself as a comrade leader who values every opinion brought forward by Co-labourers overseen by me and also one with genuine concern for people working with me. Also, the only way toughness as you mentioned comes into the tray is my knack for excellence because I just cannot court mediocrity, I am a sticker for excellence.

Priscilla: Great! Love the word “Genuine” I’m not going to argue (Laughs) and Yeah! I was waiting for you to say that- because I understand you exude excellence.

Olusoji: Well, I am striving for mastery and I just want to be the best and nothing less.

Priscilla: That’s right. Please tell me about the challenges you face as a worshipper?

Olusoji: Of course. In life, challenges abound, but the grace of Jesus is enough for us! We are advancing by His grace on the path set before us. Challenges come and go as God is glorified in them all.


Challenges will come and go- God will always be glorified.


Priscilla: Talking about your hit song –“Wonder Wonder” how do you feel about the attention the song generated and the remixing and all?

Olusoji: It gives me great Joy to be an active participator in my time and not a spectator; a giver and not a user. I thank the lord for grace beyond measure given me to bless His people.

Actually, if you look at it well, people only do a song because they love it.

And I don’t really care how many people use my work, it is a rare privilege. However, due recognition and acknowledgement of originality must be given to owners of intellectual property. That’s the way things are done

Priscilla: Yes I totally agree that acknowledgement should be given to the original writer of a song and that brings me to what you’re up to at the moment. Could you please update us?

Olusoji: Topmost on the agenda is “An Evening With Soji Israel, holding on the 9th of May 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Priscilla: Tell me more about this program?


Olusoji: It is a night of total praise and unhindered flow of prophetic Worship to the audience of one. It is going to feature a few artistes like Adam &Belinda Mcnatt, Hope Davids, Wura Grant, Wumi Abe, Osas, Stella Damasus, Avanti, Chosen Aggregation.

Priscilla: Lovely lovely! So is this going to be a monthly or seasonal event?

Olusoji: No, this is just a one-time program, but we will travel with it around the United States. This is the first. Next will be Nashville, Tennessee, San Diego, California, Houston Texas, Maryland and New York. We also have a very major event in Atlanta come October 2015 tagged ”Praise As One”

Priscilla: Oh wow! Great TurnUp for the USA. Would love to know your views on the Lead Worshipper.

Olusoji: The role of a lead worshipper or Worship Leader is a very delicate one in any assembly. I don’t really know what we do these days in the Church where it seems we have misplaced priorities. Otherwise, in a well informed and spiritually correct atmosphere, the time of worship is the greatest time of all. It supercedes the message of the pastor in terms of importance.

The reason is- that is when we actually give to God and I believe that session should not be led by any other than the pastor of that local Church. In other words, the actual personality fit for the role of the Lead worshipper is the Pastor! It does not matter if he can’t sing or play Musical instruments. He is the spiritual head of that family so he should lead the spiritual procession with truth in His heart supported by psalmists and skilled musicians.

On managing the local assembly and outside invitations, that is quite simple. I listened to a teaching by one of my mentors in worship “Clint Brown” where he spoke about creating a flow with your pastor. That statement really influenced my understanding greatly long before now to know that I need to understand and be in sync with my pastor spiritually and physically and be His friend. Now, I believe no good leader will want to shut doors that flings open to their people. So, it’s a simple matter of understanding between the Worship leader and the authority and everything will be fine.

Priscilla: Hummmn!! Something you said grabbed my attention- that the “time of worship is the greatest time of all. It supercedes the Message of the pastor in importance”… but some pastors will disagree with you.


The Worshipper in me.

Olusoji: It does not matter if anyone agrees or not, that is the gospel truth for anyone who understands true Worship and the purpose of our gathering. Except the pastor has made himself the object of Worship for the people, otherwise it is such a simple concept. If I go really deep into this matter I could mess up a whole lot of things we do in modern day Church. So for now I rest my case. Today’s church is a Church in a whole lot of errors but I trust the spirit of God will redirect us all.

Priscilla: Amen. In conclusion, any encouraging words for your fans?

Olusoji: I want to sincerely thank all who have followed, encouraged and support my ministry over the years. Keep the flames of Worship burning. Jesus is Lord forever.


Four of the artistes ministering at the worship concert; Wura Grant, Stella Damasus, Wumi Abe, Hope Davids were previously featured here @Priscilla’s Place.

Please feel free to read their interview by clicking on their links below.

Thanks to my guest- Pastor Olusoji Israel. God bless you real good.

Hey, lovely readers and those living in the Georgia area or outside Georgia, make sure you attend this live changing evening of worship with Soji. You don’t wannna miss this!


Watchout for my new series… Coming soon… Also, be sure to listen, download and share  my new single- “ More Than A Song”. Stay Blessed. Cheers.

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