NYSC Done and Dusted!!! Now Whats Next?


By Mexcii

The Nigerian Youth Service Corps popularly known as NYSC is a scheme whereby all graduates of tertiary institutions get an opportunity to serve their nation. They do this service within a period of one year and are paid monthly stipends for their upkeep.

This scheme is a compulsory service whereby the government chooses the location in which the graduates serve. This could either be rural or urban. Upon completion, a celebratory ritual tagged: ‘POP’ which is the Passing out parade of the corps members is done.

After that day which is usually filled with all forms of celebrations, we wake up to the reality of what next. For some lucky ones, they wake up and resume to a job while to others the search for a job begins and does not end quite well. Thereby leading to frustration and depression.

One could easily get carried away with all the busy activities that take place during the service year and then a couple of weeks from ‘passing out’ you get to face the reality of ‘WHAT’s NEXT?’.

We are all aware that the Nigeria labour market isn’t large enough to accommodate these graduates that are released and no form of plan or strategy is being arranged for them by the government. Yes, opportunities abound in Nigeria but it’s a tough world out there and It is getting even tougher. But at the same time it is also very possible to make a mark and create your own path to sucess.

To those ‘lucky ones’ who did the right thing that got them to that place they are currently in and to those currently still searching for jobs, here are a few steps you can take to help you move unto the next level.


For the first few months after service, most will remain very idle and will have nothing doing. These first few months can be used in personal development of one’s self, This can be done mentally, physically, and in all ramifications.

Pick a skill and learn more about it. Pick up books you have been procrastinating to read and begin to read up. There are various books out there that can be used to develop yourself, ranging from inspirational to spiritual to business and a whole lot more. If you already have what you’re good at, you can as well develop on it.


Sounds really awkward to the ears of someone that just finished service, right? Well, it doesn’t. Learning a trade after NYSC does not deprive you of your integrity or speak less of you.

If you check the background of some of the top rising stars in Nigeria at large, you will find out that they were into trade before they started making millions out of it. Learning a trade is not something you should look down on, but rather you should see it an avenue to increase financially.

It may be tiring and discouraging for some after you start, but like the saying: “Good things don’t come easily”. So, you have to work hard.


Why not seize this moment to start up that dream business you have been nursing for long. If you have your savings from the monthly allowance (Alawee) paid during your service year that would be good for you.It will help in financing your start up business but if not you will have to work harder. But bare in mind that nothing is good on paper until it is excecuted.

Start something no matter how small, create a business juicy enough for anyone and let your customers be those around you. Then you can use all the platforms available to you to improve your business. Your social media platform isn’t just for selfies or your personal charade, make use of it to promote your business.


To those who are the career driven types, you can decide to further your education by getting your Masters (MSC) in the field of your choice. Search through accredited institutions before applying for your masters program.

Some will complain of not having enough funds. Wake up!! There are a whole lot of scholarship programs out there, if not full then half. Search them out through google. Make a decision now to apply and you might be lucky.

It is okay to do your master’s degree program, but get this straight, if your sole purpose for doing masters is to get a high paying job, then you are heading for a shocker ‘cos guess what’? there are so many people who have their masters but are yet to get a job, talk less of good ones. So get certified in what you love and compliment it with something.

Finally, get to know what you love to do even if you don’t get paid. If you love to cook or bake, volunteer for your friends and do their catering jobs. If you love media, volunteer and make use of your time judiciously. DO NOT sit at home doing nothing because according to Proverbs 16:27 “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”