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Nikki Laoye Album Review

When people say greater stuffs exude from petite packages, yes I totally agree. Such is this case… She is gorgeous, a bundle of Talent, a Philanthropist, a Giver, Celebrity Voice for Refugees & IDPs, an OAP, Co-Host of Praiseworld Radio Show and Host of Girls Rock on Praiseworld Radio, Multi- Award Winning Artiste, Project Manager (Wahala Media Entertainment), Founder of Angel4LifeFoundation, a trendy wife and caring mother to many. But today I won’t be interviewing her so to speak, trust me, the media and blogs have been doing justice to that, but PriscillazPlace for the first time will be doing an ALBUM REVIEW on someone I respect and admire a lot.

I celebrate greatness and the God of Greatness in People. This space won’t permit me to do a thorough profile on her. So with all due respect, kindly check Wikipedia  ‎for her profile. Heheheh** No other person than the smashing NIKKI (in Nikki’s Mama voice) Nikki Laoye-Oturu aka “Oturu’s Girl” 

Her new album known as the 123 Project was categorized and I love how she did it. I took interest in this album because of the different flavours in it. So I rushed to ITunes and got my copy, hey! Get yours too…

So I attached one of my favorite songs of Nikki to keep you company as you read..Enjoy



Some find it hard to fully comprehend her type of music, Is she Gospel? Is she Secular, Is she Inspirational, Where exactly does she organically belong? So I threw this question at her and..

NIKKI LAOYE:- I have always remained the same o since my first album.  My music style is Urban/Contemporary Inspirational Music!

So there you go!! However you want to view Nikki Laoye, bottom line is- She is Jesus Girl and doesn’t joke with her Faith!

Nikki is that type of singer that cuts across every audience and has songs virtually for every topic;

In life, We have different stuffs we have to live with and go through some are:

Our Worship, Love/relationships, Disappointment, Addictions, Strength, Joy, Encouragement, Heritage, Fun etc.

Nikki’s got a song for each of this topic/emotions on her album

This Album is  richly packed,  and touches almost every aspect of life. However, for the sake of this review, her songs will be categorized under these two headings: WORSHIP & LIFE! From  my research, I understand that no matter what you sing, be it inspirational, gospel, secular etc. You either fall on any or all of the following category.

Its either you are Singing {ministering} to GOD 

Singing{Ministering} to People OR

Singing ( Encouraging/Showing off) SELF

Dear Reader, Its possible you have a different opinion on some of my reviews or songs, that’s fine and acceptable, we all have different opinions, however, indulge me and just enjoy this review.. At least if you have different opinions, it means you listen to her songs, which is really cool and encouraging..(laughing) Okay Lets go!!! K.I.S.S (keeping it short and sweet) In no particular order.





TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Soulful, Soft R&B, Emotional, Heartfelt, Worship,

REVIEW: This song is quite special to her and is dedicated to her late father (Rest on Sir) When doing a review, according to a writer, you are not to say you have a favourite, am so sorry, this rule does not apply to me here @ Priscillaz Place {laughs} This song is one of my favourite and always takes me to a place.

Its a song of assurance to God, pledging and letting him know He is the only one that matters, However or whoever you may want to channel or direct this song to, feel free, but for me, it makes me want to just keep telling God I love him over and over again. The different dialect adds a nice touch. Good job on this one Nikki. She also did the “NIKKIPELLA” version of this song and it was just a beautiful song and way to start the Album. You know Nikki loves good, smooth and cool harmonies and NikkiPella is an example of that and quite evident in all her songs.

PUNCHLINE: “You make my life complete; You make life worth living.”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Concerts, Churches, Dinner, Weddings, Couple Outing, Any kind of Event except a strictly groovy gathering.

CAUTION: A tear or two is expected if you are the emotional type like me.. Oh Pleaseeeee am strong though heheh!!!! Its okay to cry… Jesus Wept too!




TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Pure Worship, Soulful, Soft R&B, Heartfelt,

REVIEW: A Powerful song  that talks about the greatness of God and exalt him. Definitely coming from a deep place and a personal relationship with the Creator. The gentle chords ushers you gradually to worship and builds up and make you forget your surroundings.

PUNCHLINE: “Words cannot express the way I feel. Mighty God”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Concerts, Churches, Revivals, Crusades.

CAUTION: You might find yourself letting go to worship and pray




TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Thankfulness, African Pop, Gratitude Mode

REVIEW: A song that expresses gratitude, thankfulness  to God.

PUNCHLINE: What can be more powerful than to say “Thank You Jesus”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Concerts, Churches, Revivals, Weddings, Anniversaries etc

CAUTION: Dance Mode.




TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Uplifting, Encouraging, Hope, Soulful, Soft R&B, Heartfelt, Emotional

REVIEW: This song speaks to one differently, because we all go through different stuffs at different times in life,  One might perceive this song as a flowing stream encouraging and soothing, another might see it as a rushing wind building your faith and giving you hope to hold on. This encourages everyone going through any situation.

PUNCHLINE: “Trials Come to make you strong, Its for a while, it wont last long!”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Concerts, Churches, Anywhere you deem fit, Funeral, Hospital, etc

CAUTION: Depending on what you’re going through, a mix of emotion is expected.



Nikki Laoye Super Woman

Super Woman Nikki Laoye

TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Strength, Empowers- Soft R&B, Good feeling. Builds Confidence.

REVIEW: Another favourite song of mine. Every woman should have this song. The song makes you feel special, strong, empowers and you never have to look down on yourself as a woman. It builds and restores a woman’s confidence.. An awesome song with a lot of depth.

PUNCHLINE: She holds her own, Never Letting go, Super woman, with tears and baggage’s but never letting go..

RECOMMENDED FOR: I recommend this song to every Man, Bachelor, Husband, Brother to listen to this song and see how strong women are and to appreciate them more. This song is Good to go for any women conference, event, program, event, weddings, political women rally ( yes I said so) not only women event though.

CAUTION: You feel energised, determined and empowered. careful not to show off too much, we are awesome women! The Men might feel intimidated just a little bit(laughs)

Dear Nikki- The men said they are expecting a SUPER-MAN Song!




TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Catchy, Hip-Hop, energetic, hard, striking, victory, groovy, freedom, positive confession

REVIEW: This is another winner song and a favourite of mine. She was just spitting out those lyrics like a shooting spray! if you do not love hip-hop, you might not be able to appreciate or identify with this song . I have a huge respect for Hip hop singers/writers  especially gospel/Inspirational. Lyrics are always rich, full of depth. have the attitude and poetic in nature. You have to be gifted sort of to pull off hip-hop. Another topic for another day. I go crazy when a female does hip hop. Okay this song just did it for me. At a particular time. It was my only song on my playlist for weeks. Lyrics on point, creativity and energy is great. Above all, you get to confess some good words to yourself and break yourself free from anything holding you down
PUNCHLINES: Born to win, is in my genes. A child of Destiny no more slave to sin!! My words they slice like a sword ( Chei!! you see why I love hip-hop lol) almost all the lines are punchy (laughs) get your copy and enjoy.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Everyone- DJS, Ringtones, Radio, TV, parties, Grammy, Church, Mosque, Malls, this song should go to the Club too yeah! (laughs) any audience that craves for freedom, victory, progress.  Anyone that wants to break free from anything holding or limiting one.
you just don’t want to know the image and story line I have for the video of this song.. heheheh** Pay me Nikki, I shall gladly reveal!!!
CAUTION: You might get angry at some stuffs you don’t like in your life, confess and claim your victory Hun! You get to smile when you realise  her mum  ‘screamed sang’ her name at the end of the song.. (love it) Scroll up and listen to the song again.





TONE/MOOD/STYLE: A mix of R&B and soft pop, Lovey lovey something, emotional,

REVIEW: You can view the song in 2 ways. The main focus can either be a lover or God. It depends on who you want the focus to be. I love the song in some ways, when you have an argument with the BOO or BAE, just play the song for him/her, he/she will cool down..(laughing) Or sometimes when you need a little more of Jesus ( Imagine HIM singing it to you.. Worship is a love affair my friend..this song also reaches out to people in need, orphans, etc letting them know, they are not alone {God bless ANGEL OF LIFE FOUNDTION  @A4LFoundation on twitter}
PUNCHLINES: Let me be there to hold your hands; when you need strength, I’ll be there
RECOMMENDED FOR: Everyone who loves and wants to be loved. Weddings, Orphanages, Old people homes, homeless, Needy, Love Show, Radio, TV, Concerts, Seminars etc.
CAUTION: Depending on your situation, if you are in love or married, good for you, otherwise, you might feel self pity, regret. if your not strong, like I said, if you’re in the latter situation, just imagine The Original Lover singing it to you. and ehnn… clearing throat.. it creates one atmosphere or mood like that in the bedroom- for Husband and wives only- okay Priscilla shut up and move on.. wink wink!
Nikki Laoye and Alexis

Nikki (Oturu’s Girl) & Hubby (Alex Oturu)



















Nikki Laoye & XBlaze - African danceTONE/MOOD/STYLE: Groovy, Funny, Happy, Pure African.
REVIEW: Her latest song and video portrays and showcases the vast and rich dance moves we have in Africa. Okay I wont lie, I use this song for workout to burn them rubbish fat/calories my friend. Heheheh**

PUNCHLINE: “tininni nananana

RECOMMENDED FOR: Parties of all kinds, Workout Session, African Events, International festivals, Comedy shows.

CAUTION: Risk of body pains after dancing, but the good thing is you will burn those nonsense fat okay. {laughs}


OYA 123


TONE/MOOD/STYLE: Energetic, Groovy, Pop Pidgin Music, Happy, African Flavour

REVIEW: One of her hit songs, that makes the aged nod their heads in rhythm; kids wriggle their bodies to and you just cant sit still when you hear this song.. It encourages and motivates you to praise God in any way- this song always remind me of David in the scriptures and the way he danced before God throwing caution to the air. This song tend to create that mood. There is also a remix of this song as well. Get your copy and enjoy.

PUNCHLINE: “No be say we dey craze na our God we dey Praise”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Parties of all kinds, Workout Session, Praise Concerts, Church.



TONE/MOOD/STYLE:  Groovy, Hip-hop, Happy, fun,

REVIEW: One of her hit songs back in the day and still is, trendy lots of swag as well, you just want to get up and dance with this one, She featured Rooftop MCs and its really a cool Jamz. some cool poetic lyrics here too and she just had this carefree attitude which was so cool..

PUNCHLINE: No dey form Buttie, If you don soji, scatter ground make your fine cloth come dirty!!!! ( I just love this line like crazzzy!!!}

RECOMMENDED FOR: Parties of all kinds, Workout Session, Praise Concerts, Church.




TONE/MOOD/STYLE:  Groovy, Hip-hop, Happy, fun, swag, A mix of English and Yoruba dialect

REVIEW: A fun and a  swaggalicious song that reminds you that whatever you are today- God did it and in summary, giving all the glory back to God and encourages you to follow as well.

PUNCHLINE: I rep for the most high; im  kinda high with the spirit that is holy, cuz with my God you can never be lonely!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Radio, ringtones, Parties, Graduation, clubs, shows, Churches, Concerts universities,

CAUTION: You might find yourself nodding your head unconsciously to this song.. Its okay. God got you!




A fun and groovy song I find amusing produced by Xblaze, Nikki’s brother.  Dear Bae, please give him your number and stop forming..Thats if you like him to form a solid relationship.. If the song speaks to you, Great!!! Have fun with it.




TONE/MOOD/STYLE:  Cool, African R&B, Nostalgia, Prayer, Sober Reflection

REVIEW: Dedicated to Nigerians, she did justice to this one, flawless and perfect. Just the right energy and pitch. The video is simply fantastic.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Everyone ANYWHERE in Nigeria and any Nigeria event Abroad.

CAUTION: You will definitely have to stand in attention in respect to Nigeria. You might cry if you remember the state of our dear country. You definitely have to send a prayer out.



Don’t you ever try or toy with Nikki’s Mama– always appearing on all Nikki’s Video.. Go Mama!!!!

Nikki with brother Xblaze and Mrs Laoye(mum)

Nikki’s Mama, Nikki, Nikki’s Bro – XBlaze

Nikki has been featured in so many songs, and has shared the stage with some of my favourite gospel artistes. She is simply energetic and she brings her personality and pours her heart to her songs.. Soar Nikki..


Nikki and Cece Winans


Nikki & Kirk Franklin

Nikki & Kirk Franklin {Epic photo)




SHOUTOUT to Xblaze. Wahala Media. MR. Oturu, all Nikki’s Producer and everyone who featured in her songs..God bless you.. Thank you Nikki for being my Ist feature Guest in this Album Review series.


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