Nigeria, Land Of Milk And Honey? ~ Alabaster


While growing up, I often heard my Social studies Teacher talk about a Land that had milk and honey flowing on it in excess.

Oh! It always did spur my appetite because I so desired to have a taste! But my appetite did cut short when he said this Land was Nigeria!

I was amazed because I thought I would have to go miles to visit this uniquely blessed Land to draw from it’s well of blessings! Little did I know I was on that very Land, ignorant because I saw no
proof of this flow.


I am a citizen of Nigeria and It hurts to say that I am yet to have my portion of honey to taste and cup of milk to sip.

Have I been ignorant?
Or did the milk and honey pass me by while I was carried away with the syllabus of life and I didn’t notice?
Or Maybe, it is on it’s way…
Or do I need to purchase?
Or…. *breathes out*
So many questions pouring out from my heart’s bank

I guess we’ve been robbed of our right for so long,
We’ve been getting by with tea bag and water whilst we could have fresh milk and honey to ourselves.
Or maybe we’ve been too lazy to go fetch for ourselves?

willingBut here’s my thought, if indeed it were flowing, we need not hustle for it. The tides would bring it to our threshold.

Or was my teacher just reading out a curriculum? Doing his job?
Or did he exaggerate?

So many rhetorical questions I need answers to.

Or has the milk gone sour?

The questions still pour out…

Help! Help! I’m crying for help just like a weaning child that desires milk from his mother in earnest.

screen-shot-2011-10-01-at-8-16-38-amOh! I guess our Rulers have kept it to themselves.
Hence, leaving us with a tasteless Education system, an Economy that cannot be likened to the sweetness of honey and a couple of less milky conditions.
Yet they promised!
Promised to be the best.
Lies! They are full of lies!

Have we turned zombies that we always fall for these lies non stop?

honey-and-milk-get-attachmentNow another is on its way, another well of promises flowing from the lips of contestants that will mount on leadership in few days to come.

I hope our milk and honey comes to us this time…

Well, while it is on it’s way I would keep sipping more of my Father’s milk(Word) as I hope for a better tomorrow for the milky Land.

He said He’d give me my milk and honey according to His riches in Glory!
And I believe!

Let’s be of good cheer and faith, joy is here because morning has come!

– Alabaster.

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