New Solar Powered Talking Bible From TBI

Talking Bibles International now has a new, low cost solar powered Talking Bible. According to an email from Talking Bibles International (TBI) to the ASSIST News Service, the new solar Talking Bible has the same features as TBI’s trademarked Talking Bible. It’s book shaped with the appearance of a printed Bible version.

The solar powered version is slightly smaller, but has a powerful internal speaker with excellent sound. As many as 200 people can listen as a group at the same time.

Solar Talking Bible

Solar Talking Bible

TBI said the solar panel is built into the back side of the unit. Four hours of sunshine will fully charge its internal rechargeable batteries, which will then play this Talking Bible for two hours. It also comes with an external power adaptor to enable charging where electricity is available.

TBI told ASSIST the first 1,000 units have been sent out to other ministries that have been waiting for this lower cost Talking Bible, and/or used in TBI’s own global ministry.

In the email, TBI said the new product means that thousands of additional non-reading people will receive Talking Bibles speaking God’s Word in their own languages. The next shipment from the manufacturer is on the way.

The new solar Talking Bible is being made available for $35.00 for individual units and for less than $30.00 for quantities of 12 or more. There’s a lower price for larger quantities.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to share this exciting report with ANS readers. I thank you for sharing this news in your church, and invite you to partner with TBI in its global ministry with your prayers and donor contributions.” Founder of Talking Bibles International, (now Board Chair Emeritus Harvey Hoekstra) said in the email,

Talking Bibles International is an ECFA accredited donor supported faith-based ministry.

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