MUSIC REVIEW: Mercy Chinwo – Obinasom | #TOLArated By @tola_Omoniyi

“Obinasom” by Mercy Chinwo has been officially reviewed by TOLA Omoniyi, on his #TOLArated Music Review Blog.

Should you ever meet anyone who says he or she doesn’t know Mercy Chinwo, all you have to do is sing the chorus of her smash single “Excess Love” and “Oh yes I know” is the likely feedback you’ll get. It’s that big, the video has over 40M views.

She has a formula that has worked perfectly well for her over the years, and this new one Obinasom, basically continues this trend. Some may roll their eyes at Mercy Chinwo’s recurring formula, but no one can deny it works for her. It’s a good song!

Describe the sound/formula – mellow strings, metronome, light percussions, laced with powerful vocals and rhythmic switch of languages, mostly pidgin English and her signature ibo language, maintains major chords on the majors, backed up soothing harmonies

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