Mavrixx EP - Rapsodee + Cikk0
Mavrixx EP – Rapsodee + Cikk0

The wait for the highly anticipated Mavrixx EP, a gospel hip hop project by Rapsodee + Cikk0 is over, as the talented TV host, storyteller and gospel rapper Rapsodee alongside multitalented producer, comedian and singer Cikk0 on Monday, May 27 finally released the EP online for FREE download.

The seven track Mavrixx E.P. (excluding intro and outro) is essentially some ad-hoc music coalition that every urban hip hop Christian music enthusiast would fall in love with at first listen. In as few words as it takes to say it, Cikk0 brought the beats, Rapsodee came with the rhymes.

01. Intro (NYSC Theme) [DOWNLOAD]
02. Raggedy Epistle [DOWNLOAD]
03. Lovesick [DOWNLOAD]
04. Paranoia [DOWNLOAD]
05. Mona Lisa [DOWNLOAD]
06. Never Far Away (ft. Joan) [DOWNLOAD]
07. Wonder [DOWNLOAD]
08. Whassup [DOWNLOAD]
09. Outro [DOWNLOAD]


How it started?

“Cikk0 produced a song that Rapsodee featured on with a mutual friend called illwill. (We’d have put said song here but illwill no gree) Anyway, we came together and decided it would be great to share our music with the world for free – at least this one time. With the exception of “Lovesick” Cikk0 just threw ready-made beats at Rapsodee and told him bust or die! Or something like that. All the songs were mixed by cikk0… except where otherwise stated.”

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