Osapettoy is a multi talented music minister Osapettoy returns with a new single titled “Mowadupe”.

Indeed Lord! I declare my life as yours” he says, quoting Ephesians 2:10

(see Lyrics to “Mowadupe” below)

Osapettoy was born into a christian family with highly technical and professional skills, coupled with a personal training .

His flare for peculiar music instrument as led by the Spirit has brought the jazz genre of music into his compositions and arrangements.

He is also LEAD VOCALIST/GUITARIST and/FOUNDER of The Fathers’ Heart Crew (FHC) Nigeria.

As a Gospel Jazz ambassador of JOS and also in Nigeria, Osapettoy by the grace of God will be getting set for the official release of the album “Mowadupe”.

He has released Hit songs like 1 2 3 Count, Ile Oluwa, Ogo, untold mercy and his latest songs titled “Mowadupe” which has graced radio stations and major gospel sites across the country.

Mo wa Dupe

Mo wa dupe
Ore E si
Mo wa dupe
Ore Igba gbogbo
Baba to un be loke Orun
E seun ana
Mo wa dupe
Ore Igba ku gba
Ore ojo gbogbo

As I come to you my Lord
I’ll lift my voice to sing to you
And I’ll play you my guitar
To lift your name on high
Ku be tuin nda soko o
Mi jin ebo we
Mi a laa guwa mi lo fin
Mi gan ku be tuin

Iree ni
Iree ni
Ori sun Iye
Ori sun aanu /2x

Baba to un be loke Orun
Eseun ana
Mowa dupe Ore Igba kuu gba
Ore Ojo gbogbo



I belong to you my Lord
And I declare my soul and my life
As yours
I belong to you my Lord
And I declare my soul and my life
As your own /2x

I declare
I declare……………………..

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  1. The Lord as been so……. Good to me, honestly! What he as done for me is two…. Much. OH LORD I GIVE YOU MY WORTHY.

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