MUSIC: Minkir & Leo Owan & Chapta5 – Peaches (FREE Download) | @chapta5ive, @Leo_Owan, @minkir116

Chapta and Minkir just share their hearts on this song ‘Peaches’ while Leo Owan beautifully backs it up on an interesting journey of sounds all engineered by Castor Bridge popularly known as Kossi.

Sometimes, actually all the time life throws a lot at us and we feel like we have all weight of the world bearing down on our shoulders. Pressures from our families, pressures from our schools, pressures from our work, pressures from the media and a whole lot of infinite pressures. But through it all the place of surrender to Jesus lifts all the weight of your shoulders, and you actually just eat all the trials and pressure like a peach fruit.

Peaches is a song about the struggle of a young musician, the struggle of a student, the struggle of waiting, the struggle of lust, the struggle of dealing with not seeing yourself rise quickly to the top, the struggle of pain in the world and a whole bunch of struggles.


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