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Soulful Singer, KQ Tomiwa aka Kingsqueen has just released a new single, “J’AIYE YEMI”, an Alternative African Fusion sound expressed with the beautiful blend of Yoruba and English dialects.

Produced by Tosin Paul, “J’AIYE YEMI” is the heart cry of many across the world, seeking for a better day.

In her words, KQ Tomiwa explains the inspiration behind the song:

“I grew up in a polygamous home, it’s a familiar setting in our Country Nigeria, and with polygamy comes plenty turbulence and drama.

Life was a series of topsy turvy momentad and I was often thrown off balance, yet the one thing I wanted the most is just to fulfill the reason why I was born, because I know I am here for a reason….

In the quest for this, I get let down by some people whom I expect to be there for me..No one is an Island..everyone needs someone to help push them to the next level..the link person.. The key that unlocks.. The missing Puzzle…and sometimes you try and keep trying and keep pushing yet no major head way appears in sight….

Being the very emotional person that I am, it has thrown me into a state of reclusion quite often …where I just want to give up and stop trying but something within me just refuses to let me give up..because there is so much to give, but I just can’t find my way there… hence the fervent cry to God, to help me be all I was born to be.. because in the end only HE CAN.

I want that desperately because I  watched my mum go through a lot, how she gave up so much to make us happy and will even sell her last valuable commodity, mothers will do just about anything to make sure their kids lacked nothing. 

As the last child at a time, I was really close to my mum and I carried a burden for her, I would pray as a kid that God has to make me great so I can repay her for all her labor of love, all she had to endure for myself and my siblings sake…

I realize she isn’t getting any younger and there is a lot I wish do for her, I try my best, but it hasn’t come close to all I have in Mind…. I really do Love my Mother and I would keep believing for better days ahead.

This is my heart Cry and I believe it’s the Heart Cry of many people out there as well…

The Song was produced by My brother and friend Tosin PAUL…

 I would also like to dedicate this song to the memory of my dear brother and friend, Eric ARUBAYI…”

J’AIYE YEMI is the third single from KQ Tomiwa – a Singer, Songwriter, and Vocalist at House On The Rock Church, Lagos.

Her previously released singles include “IFE OTITO” and “ORE MI” featuring Timi Dakolo.


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