MUSIC: Jaysmoke – InDaMix: Heavy Bass Hiphop Vol 1 (FREE Download) | @JaySmoke


After the successful release of his recent compilations, Top20 Urban Gospel Party Jamsl) and Valentine’s Day Love Mixl, RepJesus Entertainment CEO/Founder/DJ, JaySmoke, embarks on yet another smashing project.
The project titled Heavy Bass Hiphop is his third compilation for the year and features some pretty heavy bass urban gospel hiphop tunes from artists such as Trip Lee, Canton Jones, Sevin, B-Shock, Heesun Lee, Edna, Nuel Triumph, Regardless, Thi’sl, Roy Tosh, Preachers etc.
Whilst compiling this album, I saw myself worshipping and praying in tongues as I listened to the tracks over and over and I believe that it will produce the same impact to whomever decides to listen says JaySmoke.
JaySmoke is Ghana’s most sought after urban gospel DJ and has released several urban gospel compilations including his most recent project Valentine’s Day Edition Vol 1. Hailing from Ghana, he has been at the forefront of urban gospel propagation for more than a decade and has played a key role in the rise of countless young vibrant urban gospel artists in Ghana.
Twitter: @JaySmoke

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