MUSIC: Jason Dawn – I’m In Love (FREE Download)

Jason Dawn - I'm in Love

Jason Dawn shares a new tune to with his supporters this season of love  titled,  I’m in love. This is a beautiful love song for Christians who obviously knows more than anyone else what true love is. The song had a respectable score of 7.0 on the reverbnation crowd review.

The plot is that of a brother in love, who hesitates but finally finds his voice to express that pure, undying love that is not moved by circumstances. With an easy rock tune, you’d be singing along in no time.


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About Jason Dawn

Jason Dawn is a lover of life and of music. He released his first single titled ‘I’m in Love’ in April 2014. The song has enjoyed rotation in his home country Nigeria and also across continents majorly on internet radio stations.

His underlying theme is love and with strong Christian influence, his communication is clean, wholesome, and edifying. His songs are generally infused with a dash of rock, giving listeners that pleasurable feel of being on the edge of something beautiful.

Currently working on an album, he has a growing fan base that love and respect the quality of his works.



I really can’t tell why it’s taken me this long

To tell you what’s on my mind

I know

I should have told you a long time before

But right now I wanna spill it out

I’m in love with you

So in love with you

I’m in love with you

I’m gonna keep it that way

Till the end of time

I’m gonna keep it that way

I guess I’d been waiting for the dew on the fleece

A sign to tell it is you

I know

I should have known this a long time before

But right now I’m no longer holding back

I’m sorry I kept you waiting

Cos I did not know how to say

I love you

And it’s true

Nobody’s gonna take your place.

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