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IBK spaceshipboi returns with another great inspiring rap tune branded “Duology”. He explains how he got inspired to record this and what ‘Duology’ really means in this case. (Mixed by Okey Sokay)

My Older brother (Geevader) sent me some music from a fabulous female Emcee called “Rapsody”. guys! she is fire! anyway it inspired me to go dust out some old beats and create this piece called DUOLOGY. The first half is called #BUILD and second half #INTROLY. these are pieces I hope to later develop and feature some of my rap greats on for my next album project due 2016. would definitely love to hear Lauryn Hill on #BUILD and Common on #INTROLY. You never know *wink*

We’ve listened to it, and we feel it’s something genius. What do you think?


To check out “Duology” on spaceshipboi’s soundcloud account. Click HERE

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