MUSIC: Gbolahan – Ere Nla (Exceedingly Great Reward)

Gbolahan - Ere Nla

As the cheers of Happy New Year fade and everyone gets into the rhythm of the day and the hustle to make 2016 a memorable and fruitful year, prolific guitarist-singer-songwriter Gbolahan  releases a new song titled Ere Nla which means “an Exceedingly great reward”. This one will bless ur hearts. Agbanilagbatan is a great song, Ere Nla is right up there beside it.


Here is his story behind Ere Nla:
Years ago, precisely 2009, I was in the studio recording Lojojumo with an amazing Producer and his assistant and I got talking. When he found out I taught Asa the guitar he exclaimed,
“Bros, Asa flies all over the world 1st class and u are here singing gospel? Chai!!”
I quietly looked at the ceiling and muttered, “Baba Shey u can hear what people think about those who serve u?”.
I went home with a heavy heart because that brother didn’t mean to insult me in any way, he was only saying the seeming reality of our time, that serving God with ur talent is a waste and there’s no profit in it. I prayed and actually asked God, is there really any profit in serving u?
While reading my Bible, Gen.15:1 jumped out at me…”after these things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision saying, Fear not Abram for I am thy shield and thine exceedingly great reward.”
I quickly picked up my Yoruba Bible to get the translation in my language and ERE NLA leaped out of the pages, so I started to write this song. 
7 years later, along with my friends Victor Uzugbo (NuBrid) and   Adeleye Oluwatosin Elijah (T-Value) who are amazing worship leaders and songwriters, the song arrangement skills of Flyy En-y Niyi Afuye and the Producer Adewole Adesanya also known as Mr. Wols, a new song of praise and faith in a God who can never owe any man who serves and worships him in Spirit and truth is born.


Twitter : @gbolahanodukoya

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