MUSIC: Believe Nduka Paul – Change The World Again (FREE Download) | @believepaul

Believe Nduka Paul releases “Change The World Again” as a song for world peace, calling everyone to understand that we can do the little we can to save the world and help refugees around the world. It’s a movement calling for us to show the next generation the difference between right and wrong.

He further buttressed his point by quoting Alek Wek;

“I feel, in 2015, when we see human beings and children dying to cross the ocean, trying to find safety, something more must be done to help them because refugees are just like me and you” 

And Meron Yemane Semedar (A Refugee)

“Refugees have a beautiful soul, the talent, the skills – the only thing they lack is the opportunity.”

Believe Nduka Paul said,

“I cry when I watch and read documentaries on how most of these refugees flee their homes, including their loved one. Statistics shows that 70 percent of Refugees around the world have either been victims of violence or have seen others victimised. Take note that most of them are children and they will have to live with this tragic memories unless we show them Love.”


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