MOKK: Denial Never Wins, It Eventually Ruins Lives ~ @KennyKore


Musing of Kenny K’ore (MOKK)

You’ll be surprised what length people would go to hide the real and painful realities inside of them.
They often call it faith, when it’s really denial.

I’m not bitter, just an acquired taste, so says the lemon in denial.
Think about it; What does it say of our humanity if we see and hear of the carnage, and martyrdom of our fellow brethren in several parts of the world, or at our backyard here in Northern Nigeria, only for us to turn and be peddling around a fairytale, goody goody, material blessing, billionaire making GOD to others.

Is it that those facing persecutions right now (children inclusive), is it that GOD doesn’t love them, or they aren’t faithful enough, or they’ve not paid their tithes, or perhaps it’s because they’ve not connected to some great man’s anointing? SOMEONE SAID THEY CHOSE IT!

So I ask, did Peter and Paul choose martyrdom???
Stephen chose martyrdom???
The Chibok girls, and the people who died in the bomb blasts, and the recent 1000 people killed by Bokoharam chose martyrdom???
The Syrian and Iraq’s christians who are being displaced and murdered now all chose that type of condition for themselves??? If these are the heroes of the Christian faith, and they chose martyrdom, what are you who is not choosing as they did?

I tell you faith is a defence. Living in denial is a counterfeit defence mechanism, that helps people not to face obvious realities in front of them, as they live in the fools paradise of their making.

Faith is not denial, Faith is victory over fear by trusting completely in Jesus Christ.
Singing, “No Matter What I Face/Whatever Comes My Way/I Will Praise The LORD.

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.-Matt.16:25.

Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

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