Michelle Wiliams got her former group mates Beyonce and Kelly Roland of Destiny’s Child together in a new record branded “Say Yes” which would be on her forthcoming album “Journey To Freedom”.

“Say Yes” is based on the popular African church song “When Jesus Say Yes, nobody can say no”.

The former ‘Destiny Child’ however took to Twitter to express her displeasure of the leak of the unmixed/unmastered version of the song, but asked for the support of her fans when it is officially released.

The trio was spotted in New Jersey shooting the video to this track, so Destiny’s Child fans can look out for that as well. You can pre-order “Say Yes” by Michelle Wiliams on iTunes.

Watch Michelle perform an acoustic version of the song “Say Yes”, and clips from her other videos “If We Had Your Eyes” and “Fire” via Yahoo! Music

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