Is Your Make-Up On Fleek? | Jimi Tewe @JimiTewe

Jimi Tewe the CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm located in Lagos, Nigeria put up a mussing on his Instagram handle about Our Make-up being on fleek.

These are his words;

“This isn’t what you think it’s about… Yes I know this was culled from a popular song out there… But again, it isn’t about what you think it is… My question to you this Monday morning is this, ‘Is your Makeup on Fleek?’ When we say ‘Makeup’, our natural disposition is to think of the natural and synthetic materials that are used to enhance a woman’s beauty. Many times, people who even use makeup tend to look much different from who they are after they take it off. The occasional acknowledgement of how good they look by admirers around them makes them feel real good and sometimes, (ladies, you can admit to this), you really don’t want to take off your makeup because you are not sure it might look as good again the next time you put it on.

Well, my discourse today isn’t about this… It’s just related to it. While makeup many times is used to cover up perceived blemishes in our skin or ‘correcting’ unattractive features of faces, professional makeup artists will tell you that real makeup isn’t about changing how a person looks but bringing out the beauty in their unique ness.

This leads me to what I’ve been longing to say.
Everyone has a ‘Makeup’- what you consist of that makes you unique. This speaks of your unique personality, core interests, cognitive abilities etc. It’s what you see made up of.

Unfortunately, most people are in the business of covering up their uniqueness and trying to replicate someone else’s makeup.

You were not born to look like anyone. You were designed by your creator to be different to make a difference.

So, stop covering your ‘makeup’. Think of ways of understanding YOU better and releasing your uniqueness to the world around you.

As you step out this Monday, remember, your ‘Makeup’ is ON FLEEK!

Enjoy your day
#MondayMotivation #Career #Business #Greatness #God #Love”


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