Tru south – yor nuttin but d tru


Walking in thw valley..*clears throat *..

Lets Go..

Walking in the valley of the shadows of death..
We are from zion so we have no fear
Babylon come..but we light up thw place
Say we light up the place say we light up the place
I’m on.. for my city repping zion
Similar to my famillia so me go ride on..
im on ..shey u know say , shey u know say. Shey u know say

V1) Protek

Spirit high No Rozay
Preach thw forte
Mind made other thoughts #marykay

Protek with the click now you know say..
Say we soar high presidential

Blue blodded kings and priest yeh u know we royal
Holyghostgang we do the holyghost slang Lagede ledebo (speaks in tongues)


I came first cos am the fastest sperm cell
Born of man
but now Zion is the place i dwell I’m a new man
I take the lead like a convoy and everyone follow
Cos Am the influence they know the future of tomorrow

I move with the rate of light yeah my future is bright
Brighter than the sun am a new born ooh yeah my future is tight
The resurrection of Jesus prove the miraculous
I’m a living proof of the blood he shared on the cross

(Chorus )

i’m on …on for my city reppin Zion
Similar to my fammilia so me go ride on
Holy spirit my affiliate you I rely on

So they try to scare me never run cos im a lion
On for my city repping Zion. Similar to my famila so me go ride on
Shey u know say. Shey u knw say, shey u knw say..


My name is SJ
and i’m that out of this world kinda guy astronaut dey gimmie twale
It goes beyond say I hover round the rock of ages
I can Never be defeated cos I flip thru d bible pages

And Christ be my rock I ain’t talking bout igneous
I can see into the future but im not nastrodamus
They say good news travel slower than rumour
But we here to change that rumour with d Holyghost gang and eleventh hour.


We aint from around here’ Aliens talking,
flesh died on the tree’ dead men walking,
fresh boys talking Jesus like football,

no we never get enough it taste like your meatballs,
a lot of fake Elijah’s claim they can make it rain’ stacking up cheddars so they can buy the whole world,
we are Zionite’ faith is the deal cos a million dollars jacket can never change the cold world!


Tru South

Hustlers be screaming new day new naira
Other Rappers yelling ..dJ new cypha

Im with d bible turning new page new chapters
Dem say I too spiritual so de tell me waka

I wonder where they got the fake philosophy of zion
Ladies cant wear teousers blings or weavon

Not in my city NO , Not even in lasgidi tho..
the streets of heaven is made of Gold u need to see it yo..

Christians live in poverty I tell u wat a pity
When u see me rocking my gucci homie my your business

Cos I just knock the doors let Jehova do the witness
We kicking your religion out the window no forgiveness

I gat it thats why I rock it..rock it thats why they love it,
they live it ths why they copy, they copy cos they Respec it

We breaking every record, we stronger every second..
you can tell its the anointing I rock it just like the clothes that i’m On…


Colda no sai zion is deh place where wi from
Na back down wi colda rock it till de dawn
Holy ghost gang colda no wi set it off
Set de pace, run de place
Man na no wi is de best

Diddidida no sai zion is de place were wi from
Na back down wi colda rock it till deh dawn
Holy ghost gang man na no wi set it off run de place set de trend
Man na no wi is deh best yuh.

Tru South

Im born again shey u know say, I speak in tongues shey u know say, I reign in life shey u know say.. shey u know say shey u know say …


  1. I never know or heard about this talented singer,but since I come across his music all round they have been on repeat. I pray for more inspiration to him by God.

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