Verse 1

Self made is Man Aid Paramedics
In your face they wash away like cosmetics
I write songs to the sound of my heart Beat
Power in my words Homie talk is not cheap

I spit scriptures with punchlines No bla bla
And ma Gospel so cool Homie no gra gra
I aint a star bcos I got endorsed by Obama
That is man made , I’m God made hosana (yo)

I got Grace yoh , twice (Paradox)
And they Para so they try to shoot (parachute)
Peter pan haters try to fly but they never land
And we make d whole land wonder (wonderland)

I’m getting first class doh no CV
They muncing my Dp They rushing my Cd
They wondering how I got my name written in History
U knw the deal .. I’m God made (Big Deal)

A piece of Gods word is a master piece
So I put it in my mind to make a master mind
And when I make a plan its a Masterplan
I put my cards on the table . All Master cards ( yoh)


Born Again (Shey you know say)
Speak in tongues (Shey you know say)
I’m God made. (Shey you know say)

I got eternal life (Shey you know say)
Omo I nor de lie (Shey you know say)
For sure me born again (Shey you know say)


Verse Two
I never worry bout winning a Grammy
(Huh .I take that again )

Tell me why they worried bout winning a Grammy
I won a lota souls worth more than a Grammy

Saved more lives than the US army .
No casualties Jesus Army

I Mean, Jesus Know the Hommie
So u can’t buy Me Jesus Got me Money
Swag international . Local, Foreign
All by the spirit so me overwhelming (Raaa)

Respect me and my Trinity
Divine divinity so tell me where your venom be?
Good morning holy ghost . U got me thinking benny hinn
Got me more drunker than Nine bottles of Heineken (Raa)

Who won’t believe us?
Only loosed Rappers go take guns and shoot us
All em street hookers they try to seduce us ..
Buh Now they new Converts for sure thanks to Jesus

All for my City for my city Repping Zion
Similar to my familia so me go Ride on
Holy spirit my Affiliate u I rely On
So they Try to scare me Never Run cos I’m a Lion

Bang Holy Ghost Gang
Yo we go bang , Holy ghost Gang
Yo we go bang with d holy ghost gang and the music Non stop with d holy ghost gang


Verse 3
They screaming Self made on a verse rapping
Maybe they high or they drunk .. Alcohol Talking
Thinking you’s A boss cos all u got is paper ?
Yahweh Got the bread d bakery and all d Bakers

Rhymes on the Paper for brothers slaving for Paper
Rhymes on the paper for sisters slaving for paper
Yahweh Got the bread the bakery and all the bakers
Yahweh is the Christ Jesus Alpha and Omega

I got eternal life
Omo me nor dey lie
For sure me born again
(Shey you know say, Shey you know say, Shey you know say


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