Lecrae's "Anomaly" cover
Lecrae’s “Anomaly” cover

An anomaly is something that doesn’t quite fit
It’s something that deviates from what’s normal or expected
My whole life I’ve been in an environment where I didn’t quite belong
I became a Christian in an urban environment
And existed in a conservative predominantly white suburb Christian’s sphere
And I’m part of hip hop culture, but yet I don’t quite belong there either
Because my set of values and set of core beliefs fly in the face of what a lot of hip hop resonates with
I’m not massageinistic, I value education
I don’t wanna glorify drug culture
And that makes me an anomaly
Being a young black man who loves Hip Hop and the culture in Hip hop
And yet loves Jesus at the same time
Makes me an anomaly
See I don’t necessary belong to any particular culture
Am I completely hip hop? No
Am I completely conservative evangelical? No
Am I 100% urban? No
Am I 100% sub-urban? No
But what culture to I belong to?
I’m transcended, I’m trans-cultural. I don’t fit into anything
Hip hop didn’t quite count on a Jesus-loving-moral-upright guy
And Christianity didn’t’ quite count on this urban-hip-hop-loving dude
I’m okay with not being normal
And not trying to be what everyone else thinks I should be
I think success is being exactly what God called us to be
And fighting to get death to live that out
If that makes me an anomaly? So be it
The system did not plan for this

Transcribed by: Olutola Omoniyi

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