Lecrae Reveals He almost abandoned Christianity and once considered Suicide

Gospel Artist Lecrae revealed in a recent interview with AOL Build studios and Sway that his recent depression made him contemplate leaving Christianity and he almost committed suicide.

The American hip-hop artist who is preparing to release his new album  ‘All Things Work Together’ revealed that the recent depression inspired some of the songs on the album.

The gospel artist who is the president and co-founder of Reach Records revealed that he has long been advocating for racial reconciliation.

He added that as he became more vocal about racial injustice he realized that not a lot of believers felt the same way about the issue.

Lecrae explained further that he hit a rough patch in Christianity because of the way he was treated by fellow Christians.

He explained that the situation motivated his new song ‘Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination).’

“I spoke my mind, I got attacked for it/ Thought these people had my back boy/

Then they tellin’ me I asked for it/ I guess I’m just another black boy/ And then they killed Tamir Rice/

And they just go on with they life/ They tellin’ me shut up talking ’bout it/ Like, I should just talk about Christ/

But the truth is I started to doubt God/ I started to question my purpose/ I started to act out,” 


The Tell The World singer also stated that it is not God that he has a problem with but the his people.

He struggled with fellow Christians because they could not understand the stand he was taking and felt abused by believers to the point where he decided to do away with his faith completely.

“Gandhi said it, Frederick Douglas said it, a lot of people have probably said, ‘It’s not Christ that I have a problem with, it’s his people.

And that was my struggle, it’s God’s people. I felt disenfranchisement.

I felt so much abuse from organized religion because I’m walking in a direction that a lot of them couldn’t fathom and can’t understand,It really drove me away.”

The hip-hop artist also said that he journeyed to Egypt and he realized that the problem he had seen was bigger than him and bigger than America.

“I actually went to Egypt… I got to see 3,000-year-old civilization, could be a 7,000-year-old civilization that weathered storms and people’s faith was in tact through all that.

So it helped me realize that it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than America,”.

On another interview the songwriter said that he gave up the thought of suicide when he realized that it was not God in the wrong but his people and that the thought of leaving his family wiped the thought off his head.

He said that one of the song on his album expresses his thought towards suicide.

“There’s another song on the album that I talk a little more in depth about it.

The lyrics says ‘I understand thoughts of suicide that do reside but when I stop to think about my family I feel new inside.’

The idea is you don’t ever want no family to catch your cold body laying on the floor you don’t know about how that’s gonna make them feel.

You don’t think about the repercussions about how that affects them. That was always the thought that kept me grounded like, ‘Nah don’t do that to them.'”


The release of the All Things Work Together album is to be anticipated as it is still set to drop September 22nd.

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