Kirk Franklin’s son, Caziah reveals that he has been learning about gratitude and love for God while doing missionary work in Haiti.

“Think about the last time you truly thanked God for something. Imagine if it was ripped away from you.”

 The 17-year-old son of gospel music artiste, producer and record label head Kirk Franklin is currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Caziah who has also taken after his father’s musical roots took to Instagram to challenge Christians to stop comparing themselves to others but instead appreciate and be satisfied with what they have.

“Entitlement is what what destroys our joy within our thankfulness.

We always compare to what others have and are never satisfied with anything…but I got to witness what true thankfulness looks like.”

The young teenager who according to his big sister Elizabeth Carrington is “Easily the smartest, incredibly talented, gentlemanly, most mature kid she knows” shared what he has experienced so far in Haiti where those living in poverty are still very grateful.

“This week I’ve met children, parents, elders; people that have little, and rejoice in their little.

People that call upon and have full faith within God and have no doubt in the strength and power of God.”

Caziah went on to ask why we don’t love God like these set of people do? He then concluded that he is very thankful for the opportunity given to spend with the Haitian Kids.

“Why can’t we love our God like these people do… He’s my father. And I love him so much. 

I’m so thankful to get to spend time with these kids because they have truly shown me what thankfulness looks like.”

Kirk Franklin expressed his excitement over his son’s statement, announcing through his Instagram how proud he is of the son.

Kirk indicated that his wife Tammy gave birth to a movement when Caziah was born, adding that he knows God is working on his son to make him a better man.

“Tammy birthed a movement when she had this boy.

Zi has been in Haiti this week doing mission work and we’re seeing God light another fire in his heart for those the world often forgets.

I’m proud to be his daddy, although I’m quite confident the Lord is ultimately making him the man he’s become. So glad I’m here for it.”

Kirk’s beautiful  wife; Tammy also shared her son’s message on her Instagram page, stating that she feels humbled by his words.

“Our son has been in Haiti! I’m so humbled by his words below.

When a parent sees this kind of growth you’re willing to make the sacrifices that you can to help them fly.”

Kirk’s first child, Elizabeth Carrington (nee Franklin) gave a brief description of  Caziah on his sixteenth birthday.

“My baby bro is 16 years old today. . He opens my door and puts on his jazz playlist when we get in his car lol.

He can play nearly any instrument he picks up. He writes amazing songs. He takes earnest notes at church.

He can outplay and run down kids 2 years older than him on the soccer field. He comes to me for advice and usually ends up teaching me something lol.

And look at the kid, he’s HANDSOME. Zi – Since I bounced you on my lap as a baby I knew you were special.

Continue to shine bright. Continue to be unapologetically YOU. Big sissy loves you & is sooo proud of you dude.”