Kirk Franklin, one of the world’s leading contemporary gospel singers, tagged as “Gospel’s Man with the Midas Touch” has signed to his music label “Fo Yo Soul” a new group of four young siblings called “The Walls Group”.

The quartet, made up of Darrell (20); Rhea (16); Paco (15); and Ahjah (14) though young, know how to make mature music for God and are the first artists Franklin has signed to his label, so it is axiomatic to label them amazing.

TWG are from Houston, Texas and they come from a music background as both parents, Roger and Alicia, are musicians.

Later in the month, The Walls Group will embark on a tour around the United States, stopping in major cities including Lexington, KY, Indianapolis, IN, and Austin, TX.

About signing The Walls Group to Fo Yo Soul, Franklin said: “When I first saw a video of The Walls Group, I knew they were something special. I was truly blown away by their vocal abilities at such young ages. And when I flew down to Houston to meet them, I couldn’t believe how down to earth and humble they were. I truly saw something unique in this group and I’m excited to start this new journey with The Walls.”

Franklin has begun working with group on their sophomore album scheduled for release in 2013.

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