Off K.Thomas’ just released 6 track Summer Nights EP comes a track branded “Shut It Down”, a song which features Rayon and Thirst. Click the download button below to get the song for FREE.


To DOWNLOAD full 6 track Summer Nights EP, click http://ow.ly/o2vTH

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K.THOMAS, born October 19, 1989, is now 23 years old and on a mission to share his story with the world. The neighborhood Thomas grew up in was troubled; yet at home, he was the son of a preacher. At the age of the thirteen, K. Thomas was introduced to Christian Rap.

This music instantly became a huge part of his life. In the midst of pressure to conform to the culture that surrounded him, he embraced the truths that his father talked about-The Lord Jesus Christ. Music was a way of expressing himself, and Thomas uses this gift God instilled in him to reach this very generation. Utilizing spoken-word through sermons and speeches, K.THOMAS has reached a countless number of people with his messages.

People have been giving their lives to Jesus Christ! He believes that his music career will surpass standards and unify people through the form of rap songs, determination, and strength in Christ. K. Thomas relentlessly preaches the Word of God in a simple and yet detailed way. With God ruling his life, style and image, K.Thomas uses his gifts to glorify God with his music.

With heightened lyrics and intricate hip-hop beats, the rap group G.M.G. tends to take the generation with new music to shake the nation with The Word of God and through the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.