Justin Bieber Condemns Paparazzi for taking his Pictures in Church

Justin Bieber Condemns Paparazzi.

American Artist Justin Bieber condemns paparazzi for following him to church and causing pandemonium when he stepped out of church.

The Canadian singer known to be open about his faith in hence he said was the motivation of purpose album.

Justin was at the midweek service last week when he was pestered by photographers who waited outside the church.

After the singer stepped out of church he calmly took pictures and afterwards reprimanded the photographers.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve gotta tell you this,” he said,

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that you guys are doing this outside of service.

 Outside of Church, you guys got hearts right?”

 “Listen, everywhere else. But this right here,

I can’t look at God and say these guys are doing what you want them to do. This is ridiculous.

 It is preposterous, it is awful, it is mean.”

He added further that church is the place where he rests his soul and that the paparazzi,s coming there is not nice.

“This is my place that I get rest for my soul,” he explained. “Then I come out here and it’s pandemonium.

You just take all I just did in there and you take it away. That’s not nice. Thank you

, I just want you guys to know that.”


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