MUSIC REVIEW: Jonathan McReynolds – People | #TOLArated by @TOLA_Omoniyi

The lastest single from Jonathan McReynolds, one of the best male vocalists in the game, titled “People” is now out, and has been officially “TOLArated” by TOLA Omoniyi.

Jonathan opens up the track with samples of voices by people, more like critics and naysayers, which I don’t find really necessary because it , but it kind of preps you for something different.

The melancholic feel of the song sets the theme for another thought provoking song by Jonathan, that comes in a form of prayer. “When you said you could heal me from anything, Did you mean People, people, Deliver me”

It’s a must-listen, he delivers as always with his distinctly crisp soothing vocals he is very well known for, as he touches on the negative impact people can have on one’s emotions and life generally.

Very thoughtful lyrics, he reflects on the extent of damage people can wrek on one’s emotions and life generally, in his words , That’s too much power for anything human, // l Deliver me, from People, people

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