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Song Writer, Record Producer, and Composer John D. Oluwasanmi, also known as John Lord, drops a hit rap single titled “Bail Bond”.

John Lord is an international Christian/ Gospel Rap/Hip Hop and Afro pop Artist, Director and Actor. He is an elegant, spirit-filled minister. He is the owner of the independent record label Fo’ Jesus Records and a Pastor in CAC Temple of Praise Baltimore MD, USA.

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I’m out on bail, no more jail
No more going back to be in chains
Hail Jesus, the Great Judge
The One behind the scene who pays all our bail bond

My heart overflows with joy and a good theme
I recite my composition towards my King
My tongue is like golden pen of a ready writer
To give praise to my Lord, the Great Deliverer
You brought deliverance to us, You called it Grace
Mending our broken heart, You took our pains
Your throne is forever, You are not man made
According to Your name, so is Your praise
You came from heaven only just to show the Way
Riding in Your majesty, teaching us great things
Everybody raise, your banner of praise
To the One who die for us on the cross of shame

Fell in love with sin, overwhelmed in bundle
Trapped in her closet, sweating while im trembled
Cos i see it coming but i ignored the proof
I wish i didn’t do it , here i am in trouble
Peeing on my body cos i know the repercussion
When i heard death knocking on the door to open
My days were extinguished, my spirit is broken
Down the grave i see my self im ‘bout to be a goner
Bullets everywhere, holes on the wall
Shot fired at me, it’s a fierce battle
Suddenly, Son of God came to my rescue
Gimme a new life Now i’m out on bail

Praise awaits You in my life, You who hears prayers
To You all flesh will come, the Great Redeemer
redeemed our soul from death, our life from tears
Sorrows are gone, now we are free from hell
So you don’t need to write my story again cos He wrote one
On the cross, with His blood, we are no more outlaws
From vagabond to warrior we are sold out
No more going round the circle yeah We all out
No more double dealing devil you should hear me clearly
I am gamed with my Lord, it’s a done deal
It’s a done deal devil, it’s a reality
I am gamed with my Lord, it’s a done deal

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