Jesus In The Neighbourhood ~ By @OpeWalker

Hello there,

From my heart to yours, this is a song of hope.

Hope in front of me - Danney Gokey

Hope in front of me – Danny Gokey

Wait, I ain’t no musician, And there may be no songs yet. Trust me, after you’re done reading this, you will sing. Like I did. Like I’m still doing. A song of Love and Hope to my God. To my Saviour, Jesus who is presently in my neighbourhood. My house may be down the street, but I already see Him at work in the houses upstreet.

Here’s my story.

My father is a religious man. A Jewish leader in the synagogue. This is a really big deal in my day and time. I am twelve years old. A pleasant girl-child. My father’s delight.

I took ill a while ago. Sadly, this condition worsened. My father decided to set out, to look for Jesus. Surely, Jesus will come and without delay. My mother took comfort in this. We all did. Especially me. I was to see Jesus. My sick body rejoiced, in its own way.

My father did not show up early. The last image I saw before everything went blank was of my mother weeping. I thought I heard her saying it was too late. Too late for what? I couldn’t ask.

It was the best sleep ever.

I later heard that, while Jesus was coming to my house with my father, they encountered a delay. There was a woman, unlike us. She didn’t believe in Jesus, but she heard He did many wonders. Miracles too. She decided to try Him out. Not bold enough like my father to ask Jesus for help, she pushed and pulled through the crowd, for she thought “If I may touch the helm of His garment, I shall be made whole”.

That was it. She was healed!!!

However, her healing had led to a delay in my healing, eventually leading to my death.

My family and  friends thought it was too late and rushed to tell my father so

“Bother not the good teacher, they said. For your daughter is dead”

Jesus, sweet Jesus, quickly comforted my father and told him

“she is only asleep”

Long story short, Jesus woke me up from my deep sleep. I was really dead, but hey, I’m here now.

Remember that Jesus’ message was about him; Jesus.

Jesus took all the glory.

Jesus’ timing was different from my family’s.

Jesus, is never late.

It was to a far more exceeding glory to have raised a dead child, than heal a sick one

Sometimes, Jesus may be in the neighbourhood and everyone definitely wants a piece of Him.

Do not be bitter.

He will soon get to your house.

Rejoice, sing. Sing like me. Two of the songs I am currently singing is by Hillsong United – Anchor. Another is by Danny Gokey – Hope in front of me

This post was inspired after an email exchange between a friend and I. Please read Mark 5:11 to end for the full story


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