TESTIMONY: Isaac Geralds Survives Ghastly Motor Accident

Gospel artiste Isaac Geralds was involved in a ghastly motor accident last Friday on third mainland bridge, Lagos which thankfully he survived unhurt.


In a chat with Praiseworld Radio, the artiste shared his testimony and his experience on the night.

“They were robbing a guy in his car in front, and then there was a trailer behind, so when they pushed d guy out the car, the trailer hit his car and then directly into my lane. The collision was massive – 2 cars and a trailer, but thank God he gave me wisdom to tilt my car a little cos if I hit the brakes suddenly my car would have somersaulted.

If I hit the guy head on, there are tendencies we both would have gone over the edge of the bridge into the ocean so I turned a little and the collision was side to side and we finally slowed down and then the robbers ran to the other side.

I was in the car with guitarist Femi Leye and my friend Ibukun, but nothing happened to any of us at all…God alone be praised! it’s just my car that was damaged but that’s nothing compared to what it could have been. I’m extremely grateful to God!”

We thank God on Isaac’s behalf for his protection over him.

Isaac Gerlads is best known as a former contestant on the MTN Project Fame along with singles such as ‘Number One’.

Twitter: @IsaacGeralds

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