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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to your year of Greatness and Pleasant Surprises.  I have beautiful interviews, special editions lined up for you this year so make sure you do not miss any of my editions.

It’s so funny and interesting that my present  guest and next guest were openly invited on Twitter and Instagram respectively to feature here. I’ve always wanted to have a chat with this fabulous woman and she gets to be my first guest in this new year- 2015.

She is the wife of  the famous Gospel Artiste –Detrick Haddon – Host of Fix my Choir and Preachers of LA, a mum to two lovely girls, holdon, holdon!!! There is more to her…

Dominique and Husband Deitrick Haddon

Dominique and Husband Deitrick Haddon

She is a Songwriter, a TV Personality; star host on the #1 rated Oxygen Network reality show, “The Preachers of LA” and Child Advocate; Pioneer of H.O.P.E FOUNDATION, which is a child advocacy organization that focuses on creating stability in homes, enrichment educational endeavors, community outreach, parental support, and helping children reach their goals toward higher learning.

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I love her spirit, zeal and how she takes care of her home as well as her projects, down to earth and very realistic, no pretence whatsoever! Meet my Pretty and intelligent guest- “Dominique Haddon”





Prisy-Thanks for accepting my open invitation on twitter I appreciate you as my first featured guest this year.

Talking about your education, please tell us what your majors are?

Dominique-Thank you! I have an Associate’ and elementary teaching degree in Art & Bachelors of Art in Liberal Studies with the emphasis of Natural Sciences!

PrisyNice. this brings me to what you’re currently working on?

Dominique- I am currently working on getting my children’s book published and preparing to launch my children and youth foundation, called “Inner Light!”

The foundation is to help inner city kids see that their lives are valuable and that there’s a light inside of them that needs to be revealed to them by mentoring and exposure to new experiences.

Prisy- What’s your policy in life? And what has life taught you?

Dominique- My policy in life is treat people the way you want to be treated. Many people out in this world don’t handle people correctly and that’s why we are encountering so much hate and frustration in today’s society.
Life has taught me that no matter how much you do for others, people will always have something to say, so just live to please God not people. Your life will be much happier and easier.

Prisy- Hummn!!! Very true, now I understand why this is your favourite scripture, please tell them .

Dominique- (Laughs) My favorite scripture is: ‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭44‬ {NLT}

But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!


Dominique Haddon

Prisy- What would your response be to “How do one overcome fears & doubts when moving to a higher level in one’s life?”

Dominique– The wisdom I would share with anyone in this situation is to  simply confront them and don’t buy into those doubts. 

Prisy- How do you advice women that feel they are being misunderstood and cant really express?

Dominique– Any woman that feel misunderstood and can’t express it should invest in a journal and write down everything they are going through and somehow find a close friend and share their heart with them.

Being misunderstood is worse, but there is someone who has gone through something you have, so you’re never alone. Prayer will help you keep your sanity as well.



Prisy- Married to Minister “Deitrick Haddon” how has the experience been especially since he’s a public figure.

Dominique- Being married to Deitrick Haddon has been great. We have two beautiful children ‘Destin’ our oldest, and ‘Denver’ our new addition. I’m getting use to all the notoriety & criticism that comes with being married to him!

The pain I’ve experienced from being married to him is from people! The harsh words they’ve used against me, my kids and my husband! The craziest part is that they don’t know us nor our full story and if they did, they would see pass our faults and see our hearts. Outside of people, we are a well-rounded couple. We laugh, cry, argue, makeup like any other couple. We just get the blessing of living our love in the public’s eye!


DD- Dominique & Deitrick

Prisy – I know you’ve had several buzz about issues surrounding your marriage, all I just want to know is, if you were given another chance, would the mistake of having a child outside wedlock happen or if you were given another chance to go back, how will your relationship with Deitrick Haddon play out?

Dominique-To say that if I had another chance to do things over would say that God made a mistake! My path in life was chosen well before I even entered the world! God knew that everything that I have faced regarding my baby out of wedlock and even the way I met Deitrick would happen! I am remorseful for anyone who was hurt by my actions, but I know in my heart that God ordained or allowed for these things to transpire. When you ask God to use you he will do so and that’s why I believe all these events happened. He knew our story would be told all over the globe and would help so many.

Prisy – How do you resolve conflicts especially when you are wrong?

Dominique– Marriage will always have conflicts, but the best way we minimize them is through professional counseling, communication, and effective listening!

When we have our disagreements, we also remind each other to listen to understand not to respond. Once we’ve resolved our issue we move on and try not to bring it up again.

Prisy – What’s your intake on Divorce?

Dominique-I think divorce should only transpire when there is infidelity. All other things can be worked out and fixed if the parties are willing to work it out.

Prisy – How do you balance your role as a wife, mum and career?

Dominique-I haven’t quite figured out how to balance all the hats I wear because I’m usually doing all of them at the same time. Being a mom, your kids always demand your attention and so does your husband. I just try to give everyone enough time to satisfy their need for me.


The Haddons’

Prisy- What’s your intake about Artistes not having time for their family?

Dominique-Artists who do not make time for their family are wrong! There has to be a balance and they should not be neglected because if you do not, you will soon lose them.


ON POLA (Preachers Of LA Reality Show}
Prisy – I love the way you support your husband’s project -Preachers Of LA etc, How have you been coping with the negative criticisms as regards the show?

Dominique- Deitrick is so creative and full of ideas and it would be crazy of me not to support him and his endeavors. The criticism comes from many who don’t want the truth out about what Preacher face all day and everyday.
The show is a blessing to those who will see the bigger picture. It’s about hope and redemption and overcoming obstacles that we may face in life. Life happens to us all. We as Christians are not exempt because we are saved. It seems as if when you get saved that’s when life begins to happen.
Prisy Whats your relationship like with other POLA Wives when the cameras are not rolling?
Dominique-I have a great relationship with “Loretta” out of all the women on the show, our relationship is still developing and growing. They’re all older than I am, so age plays a part in not having a closer relationship, but we are all on good terms

Prisy What message do you intend passing across on the POLA Show
Dominique– What I want the viewers to get from POLA is that no one is perfect. We are all striving for perfection, but we will never obtain it because we or all flawed! Where we miss the mark is where God’s grace and mercy covers us.


Just Domeralla

Prisy- If God gives you the opportunity to change something in your life, what will it be?
Dominique – If God gives me the opportunity to change something in my life it would be my relationship with my father! I think if I had his full participation in my life I would’ve been better in certain areas of my life.
Prisy- Mention 5 things you want people to know about you


1. I’m funny
2. I’m generous
3. I’m loving
4. I put others needs before mine
5. I’m real

Prisy- If you were the First lady of the USA for a Day, what will you quickly do?

Dominique- (Chuckle’s) If I were the First Lady of the USA for one day, I would defuse all of the racial tension going on in our country today.

Some how get all ethnicities together and discuss what’s the root of the matter and try to begin to mend what has been broken for centuries.

Prisy- What are your future projects or mention 3 /all projects on your To-do-list

I am currently shopping my first children’s book I wrote. I was inspired by my daughter “Destin” while writing it.
I’m also in preparation to launch my foundation that focuses on inner city children and their struggles.
I’m in the early stages of redecorating my daughters bedroom. (smiles)
Prisy-Any Shoutout?

Dominique-  I want to send a big shoutout to all of my supporters that support me and my family! We love you all! Thank you!




Thanks Dominique for your time.



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