INTERVIEW: Mayowa And Damilola Share Insights To #RhymeNReason Concert | @RandRconcert

The popular Spoken word group Rhyme and Reason will be hosting the biggest concert this year with amazing guests lined up to perform at the event.

Today 20th June 2017, Mayowa and Damilola, representatives of the group shared details of the EVERSION concert on Praiseworld Radio’s breakfast show The Praise O’Clock Show.

During the interview Mayowa expressed her excitement stating that this year, they would be venturing into Broadway but it would be a different style of Broadway. It would have a twist of Rap and Spoken word combined with it.

“Rhyme and Reason is bigger and more special this year. This year we are going to be doing Broadway styles. Instead of the usual Broadway we would be combining it with rap and spoken word. It would have our own identity and style to it.”

Damilola then went on to announce what attendees of the event should to expect. He listed out the names of rappers who would be present explaining that these rappers will be working together to tell a great story.

“Last year’s concert was tagged the EXCITION but this year it’s the EVERSION and its going to involve the best of the best in Nigeria from Gamie, Ami and DaBoomsha. This is a great collaboration to tell a great story.”

When asked how he was able to get connected to some of the acts that would be performing at the event he simply accredited it to God.

“Once you’re doing something great, people would want to connect with that. The collaboration with these people was simply made possible by God.”

He went on to state that Art is flexible and one can do whatever they want to do with it.

“Art is not boxed, you have the right to use whatever medium you want and it would always get better”

While explaining the inspiration behind the name EVERSION, Mayowa described the relationship between Last year’s Excision and this year’s Eversion, stating that Eversion means to turn inside out.

“Excision means to cut open. On the other hand Eversion simply means to turn inside out. To turn inside out you have to cut open.

Eversion is basically bringing out what you really are on the outside. And while God starts to work on you, you become a catalyst for change and everyone attached to you will see that change”

When asked about the role of the concert EVERSION to the spoken word industry, Damilola explained that the concert will create a change.

“The role of Rhyme and Reason’s Eversion is to provide a platform that would spark a change in the spoken word industry and give a voice to spoken word artiste”

Delving further into the role of spoken word in the Gospel scene, he stated that the connection between between spoken word and Christianity is the source:

“The connection between spoken word and Christianity is that as long as it emanates from God, as long as the identity is rooted in Christ, that’s all that matters. He creatively created us the created things to make creative things.”

The EVERSION is going to be happening live at the Lekki Coliseum. Also, this year’s edition is going to have 2 shows. One would hold from 3pm-5pm, and the other from 6pm-8pm.

Gatefee :Students – 2000

Regular –   5000

Vip  –   10,000


Tickets are available online at






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