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“I Actually Considered Running For President” ~ PITA


Peter Linus aka “PITA” has been on a series of rant about the current deplorable state of the country Nigeria. He took to instagram to advocate for true change in the economy, he ended by saying “I actually considered running for president,…” Read full post below.

Isn’t it amazing how when it comes to other people’s short comings we are the most qualified judges, analysing and breaking people’s motive and struggles and passing judgement.

But when it concerns us we become the world’s best defence lawyers arguing and presenting excuses and cases why we shouldn’t be judged.

Life is funny.

PDP is gone. APC just try and do something apart from point at PDP. We have heard you, they destroyed the economy, that’s an old song, can u try and make a new album?

Mr. President atleast just try not to travel for 1 week and address the people you asked to vote you and let them know you hear and understand and tell us how or when you will arrange for fuel. Just fuel. Common fuel… give me fuel first and watch me sort out other issues MYSELF.

NB. last night I actually considered running for President. Maybe it was the heat talking or just a tired Nigerian tired of complaining.

Is this his way of telling us he might consider going into politics in the future? Time will tell.

reality-of-our-music-pitaPITA is set to host an intense, interactive and knowledge filled transfer conference with qualified mentors and speakers with the sole purpose of guiding participants on the right path to sustaining God’s gift in your life.

According to him, the conference was borne from the numerous questions he has received over the years from individuals who aim to succeed as music ministers. This is a proper avenue to give answers.

The conference tagged “THE REALITY OF OUR MUSIC” is slated for the 16th of April by 11am to 3pm at Ikoyi gate restaurant . Speakers include Wale Adenuga, Jimi Tewe, Mildred Okonkwo, Timi Dakolo, Adebola Williams and of course the host, Pita Linus.

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