MUSIC: XtraOrdinaries – Love Jail (ft Leo Owan & Easy Bob Wizzy) | @XRekordz


The “XtraOrdinaries”, a music group under the X-Rekordz label, consisting of the 3 artists signed to the label (Eazy Bob Wizzy, Young-Ben & Leo Owan) have released brand new single, “Love Jail”.

‘Love Jail’ is a song that talks about God’s love for us. It talks of how wide and strong it is, to the extent nothing can take us away from it.


Our love for God cannot be compared to His love for us. Because He loves us whether we love Him back or not, His love for us is unconditional and we’re locked in it.

It is the most awesome and secure prison that exists. We don’t need to do anything to be in His Love Jail, we were born in it.

Producer: Eazy Bob Wizzy
Mixed & Mastered at Pixcity Audio Studio by Ckay.
Twitter: @XRekordz | @EazyBobWizzy | @Leo_Owan

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