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Together We Can


The past three months have been some of the most challenging we’ve ever experienced at Kingdom Media Group. Let us tell you why.

In October as we celebrated 4 years of Kingdom Africa TV, friends like you gave generously to help meet the cost for the establishment of Kingdom Europe and whilst we did our best to predict the twists and turns no one could have foreseen the costs of running our 3 channels Kingdom Africa, Kingdom Europe and Family Network Africa today due to the situation of the Naira against the Dollar, British Pounds & Euros.

You must know that whilst almost all our income come in Naira almost all our bills are paid in Dollar, British Pounds & Euros. As at late 2014, 160 Naira was 1 Dollar, Right now it’s 230 Naira to 1 Dollar., this alone have increased our monthly budget by 50%.

January brought us some good news – the approval by Dish Network to broadcast on their platform. Dish Network is one of America’s largest direct to home TV provider reaching in excess of 14 million homes in the USA. This will signal the birth of Kingdom America but that will come at a significant cost. We also have an open door to extend Kingdom Europe to the Sky platform which will give us the potential to reach another 21 million homes apart from 28 million potential homes we are already reaching through Freeview and Youview.

Pastor Dexter

In a bit to reduce our recurrent costs, We have just purchased our own play-out systems for our channels, this capital purchase was some significant cost to us running into multiple millions of Naira thus putting further pressure on our cash-flow.

You should also know that in order to fulfill our vision of filling the airways with life changing content, we have just recruited a number of production staff who will begin to work in April so you want to keep an eye on the channel for some life changing new content but of course you know that this has also greatly increased our monthly budget.

In the midst of all the financial pressure, we choose to hold on to God’s word that he gave us at inception which has opened the doors we see today, God told us that he will open the doors to platform the move of God in Africa to the whole world and He has stayed faithful to his word.

Through your prayers and financial support we have made great progress, but as it stands today in order for us to continue to move forward the frontiers of the Kingdom we need the Kingdom family to pull together to see this come to pass.

That is why from the 1st to the 7th of April we will be running the Together We Can Appeal. During these seven days we will be aiming to raise the vital funds that we will need to continue broadcasting internationally. It would be an opportunity not just for you to support Kingdom advancement but to be blessed by God with grace to accomplish your own vision as you support God’s vision.

Each time we’ve asked you to stand with us, you have faithfully answered the call and with God’s help and your support, we are very hopeful that a successful conclusion to these challenging three months is just around the corner.

Thank you for standing with us at this critical time – and for praying that The Kingdom Media Group will continue to be a strong Christian voice for years to come!

Please forward this email to as many of your Kingdom friends you know would like to stand together with other Kingdom citizens like you to build the Kingdom at this time.


Dexter ‘Femi & Jola Akin-Alamu
Chief Spiritual Officer & Chief Executive Officer, Kingdom Media Group

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