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Daniel Mbajiorgu

Enugu, NIGERIA — Gospel artist and songwriter, DanielMbajiorgu popularly known as “ThePoetMonk” has released two singles titled “Jesus The Son Of God” and “Many A Time”.

Although Daniel has already demoed more than 50 Christian Gospel songs solely and originally written and composed by him, his ultimate goal or vision, in line with Hebrews 11:4, is to offer to his God the most excellent sacrifice of praise and worship songs; and as a result he works with disparate top-notch producers as well as collaborates with (or features) the best vocal talents he can source to render his songs most brilliantly.


ThePoetMonk’s greatest desire, still in line with his vision “to offer to his God the most excellent sacrifice of praise and worship songs”, is to pitch his songs to great artists who will give them the most satisfactory rendition, or to work with more professional and talented bands/musicians/singers and producers in a collaborative sense to perfect the production of all his recorded songs which he still considers as “demo works”.



Daniel Mbajiorgu – Also known as “ThePoetMonk” had a career as a mechanical engineer until about twenty years ago, when his life as a poet/songwriter/artist began after a near-death experience. After an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ by way of a divine visitation in the fall of 1993, “ThePoetMonk” was converted and his life transformed; his works became sanctified as he dedicated his talents wholly to writing for His sake. His hymns and poems have been featured in hymnals, newspapers and anthologies.

While his debut anthology titled, “The Poet Monk”, was announced publicly by the spring of 2011 by WinePress Publishing Enumclaw WA, it was not until December 2013 that good fate led “ThePoetMonk” to complete the recording of his debut gospel EP album of 6 songs. These songs were professionally mastered at AME Recording Studios Kitchener Ontario, under the award-winning hands of veteran producer, Andrew Horrocks, “CGMA Best Producer for the year 2013”. His new album has as its title track, the hit song, “God Is Love”.

In addition to having worked with accomplished producer Andrew Horrocks, “ThePoetMonk” also worked with multi-talented music producers: Chukwudi Ugwu (Mahansa), Chidi MC – BigEm – of XL Pro Studioz Enugu Nigeria as well as anointed keyboardist and producer, Alex Coleman, of Daystar Recording Studios Starke, Florida, to mix and produce his hit songs.

In line with “ThePoetMonk’s” vision, Christi Payne was featured in the vocalization of his monster hit, “Not There All Alone”. And while Christi is an incredible Christian as well as a brilliant singer/artist, she is “legally blind”, and “Not There All Alone” was produced by her brother, Alex Coleman, a “totally blind” studio engineer and anointed keyboardist based out in Starke Florida.
Other vocalists/artists featured in “ThePoetMonk’s” debut album include: Alex Coleman, Margaret Wang (Mags), Oluwagbenga Dare Oluata and Chris Bray (2009 GMA Covenant Award Winner, “New Artist of the Year”).

The end results of ThePoetMonk’s production are musical masterpieces and classics, songs that blend the full gospel message of Hope, Faith and Love, and which in style are: pure and inspirational; true and bolstering.

Interested folks who share in ThePoetMonk’s vision should kindly contact him for collaboration or licensing through his email address:


Jesus the Son of God

You are the Living Word

On Thee I cast my care

My soul shall have no fear

No ill shall overtake

For You will ne’er forsake

Jesus my Lord

How precious are Your words to me

Faithful Your promises

Sure Your eternal word

Bright Morning Star

My peace, my joy, my righteousness

In You my hope I place

My God, my all You are

Jesus….. My God….My all You are… (Fades)


Many a time I followed my way

Thinking just like a youth

Many a time I wandered away

Leaving the paths of truth;

In spite of all my unworthiness

Deserving not Thy grace,

You thought of me from bright thrones above

You reached out with Your love

Many a time, many a time

In my vanities, profanities

Always You rescued me.

Never again shall I walk away

Never again take Your grace in vain

Never again, always, I’ll follow You;

Many a time I can’t help but cry

Gazing on Calv’ry tree

Many a time I cannot tell why

Dying You set me free;

In my lusts and sheer profanities

Thinking not about You,

You turned to strength my infirmities

Your faithfulness so true

Many a time, many a time

A voice calls to me, so tenderly,

Saying, “Come back to Me”.

Never again shall I walk away

Never again take Your grace in vain


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