RRHP Set To Release “WaZoBia” On Thursday, 28th May, 2015 | @RRHPofficial @Gamemanmusic

RRHP - WaZoBia

Listen Up Nigeria!!!

RRHP (Random Rap Hiphop Project) presents the #WaZoBia song: 6 Emcees on 1 Beat. #WaZoBia drops on Thursday, the 28th of May, 2015. You can guess the 6 emcees that will be featured on this track.

As we march into a new reality as citizens of this great nation, we bring you one song #WaZoBia…

One song to tear down the walls of tribalism and religion #WaZoBia…

One movement to represent all our voices #WaZoBia…

One artform to express our several expressions #WaZoBia…

Be ready!

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